Evidence and Property

Evidence & Property

The Grand Junction Police Department Evidence and Property Unit is responsible for managing and storing items collected or seized during police investigations and operations. An item is cataloged and stored so that it can be protected while in our custody and retrieved when needed for court proceedings or when it is time to return it to its owner.

Members of the public wanting to pick up property or evidence need to schedule an appointment with our evidence technicians. Please call 970-549-5150 to schedule an appointment.

  • Complete an Evidence Copy Request Form (PDF) AND an Open Records Request for Criminal Justice Records Form. Both forms can be dropped off in the police department lobby or emailed to Evidence and Property (preferred). Please note: BOTH FORMS need to be completed in order for the Grand Junction Police Department to process your request.
  • All requests require a $6 non-refundable processing fee at the time the request is submitted (additional charges may vary).
  • Multiple recordings cannot be combined.
  • Discs are billed at $6 per disc.
  • Photocopies - $1 up to 4 pages; $.25 per page after 4 pages.
  • Search and Redaction time over 1 hour will be billed at $5 per 1/4 hour.
  • Allow two weeks for processing from the date received in Evidence - rush requests must be specified as such.
  • Please call 970-549-5150 if you have any questions regarding the status of a request.