Junk and Trash

Junk and rubbish are very common violations. These items include but are not limited to trash, dismantled/inoperable equipment, branches, household furnishings, animal waste, etc. It is the duty of every owner and lessee of any parcel of property to keep the property free of junk and rubbish.


Weeds are also a very common violation. City Code requires all weeds and brush exceeding six inches in height to be cut to within three inches of the ground. Property owners and lessees are responsible to trim weeds/brush up to the curbline of any street adjoining their property and to the center of any alley adjoining their property.

  • During the period of May 1st - October 31st, the Parks and Recreation Department takes weeds complaints. The Weeds Desk can be reached during this time period at 970-244-1583.
  • From November 1st - April 30th, Code Enforcement takes weeds complaints. You can reach Code Enforcement at 970-244-1593.


For more information please view the Grand Junction Municipal Code/Zoning and Development Code.