Code Compliance

The goal of the Grand Junction Police Department Code Enforcement division is to maintain and improve the safety and aesthetic appearance of neighborhoods in the city limits of Grand Junction. Code Enforcement Officers work to ensure that City of Grand Junction residents comply with the ordinances and regulations set forth by the City to protect our community and address issues that may be detrimental to the health, safety, economy, and general welfare of our residents. If there is a code violation, officers work first with property owners to gain voluntary compliance and if that cannot be met, Code Enforcement will pursue legal action through the court system if the violation is not corrected. Below are the areas and regulations for which our Code Enforcement Division is responsible.


Most violations reported to this division for investigation include, but are not limited to:

Procedure for Processing Violations

  1. A reported violation is assigned to a code enforcement officer for inspection.
  2. If a violation is found, voluntary compliance is requested.
  3. The officer works with property owners and tenants to achieve compliance in a reasonable time frame, commonly 10 days.
  4. If a violation is not corrected in ten days a Notice of Violation may be issued.
  5. Failure to respond to the Notice of Violation or willful reoccurrence of a violation may result in an administrative citation and associated fines or a summons into Grand Junction Municipal Court.
  6. Non-compliant junk and trash violations may be corrected by the City with the cost billed to the property owner.

Some complaints are not city code violations but rather civil matters between people.

If you would like to report a code violation, please contact our Code Enforcement Department by phone at 970-244-1593.