Parks & Recreation Advisory Board


  • Noon
  • 1st Thursday of every month
  • Tiara Rado Clubhouse 25 Restaurant
    2057 S Broadway
  • In addition, the Chairman of the Board may schedule periodic study sessions to review special projects and various other items of concern to the Board and staff


  • Michele Vion
    Term Expires: June 2024
  • William Findlay, Chair
    Term Expires: June 2023
  • Beau Flores
    Term Expires: June 2022
  • Phillip Pe'a - Ex-Officio
    Term Expires: May 2021
  • Gary Schroen
    Term Expires: June 2024
  • Austin Solko
    Term Expires: June 2022
  • Nancy Strippel
    Term Expires: June 2023
  • Lisa Whalin
    Term Expires: June 2022
  • Byron Wiehe
    Term Expires: June 2023
  • Cindy Enos-Martinez                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Term Expires: June 2022 


The seven-member board appointed by the City Council assists in the planning of recreation activities and helps to promote a long-range program for the development of the City's park system. Members must be a citizen of the City and serve three-year terms. One member is a member of the City Council.