Water Efficiency Rebates

The City of Grand Junction is offering rebates in 2024 for water-saving items including toilets, washing machines, Smart irrigation controllers, soil moisture sensors, rain sensors, high-efficiency rotor nozzles, and tree drip irrigation kits. Some of these rebates partner well with other city programs like the Turf Conversion Program and the Gray Water Program. Rebates are available until funds are exhausted. 

Qualifications for the Water Efficiency Rebate Program: 

  1. Be a City Water customer Review your address to ensure you are within the service area
  2. Rebate applications must be submitted within 30 days of purchase with proof of installation

Program Details:

Install new water-saving appliances that reduce water usage in your home. New appliances must be Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense approved. Search for a water-efficient appliance using the Energy Star Product Finder.

Appliance Specifications for Rebate:

  • Toilets: One toilet per property. .8-1.28 gallons per flush or 1.2-1.5 for dual flush. Rebate maximum $100.
  • Washing Machine: One machine per property.19.6 gallons per load for residential top load, front load average 12.5 gallons per load or less depending on the model. Rebate maximum $200.
  • Irrigation Rebates-
    • Smart Controller: requires attending an irrigation class or having an audit performed by the Water Conservation Specialist or another qualified irrigation auditor. Limit one per property. Rebate maximum $100. 
    • Rain Sensors and/or Soil Moisture Meters: require use with a smart controller. Show proof of the controller. Maximum rebate of two per property at $75 each.
    • Efficient Nozzles: limit of 25 nozzles per property. Entire irrigation zones must have the same style of nozzles. Rebate maximum of 25 nozzles at $3, totaling $75.
    • Tree Drip Irrigation Kit: limit of two per property for a maximum rebate of $100. Highly recommended for properties participating in the Turf Replacement Program. 

Come by our office, 910 Main Street, Grand Junction, and pick up a FREE faucet aerator and efficient shower head, to help reduce water use. An address and contact for the items are required and notify us when these items are installed.  

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