Food / Beverage Vendor Information

Las Colonias Vendor Information

New in 2020 we have three vendor locations at the Las Colonias River Park that can be reserved on a daily basis for $25 per day. To reserve a location, please call our Parks and Recreation Office at 970-254-3866. A permit will be issued and the food vendor is required to have that on site during the rental. The reserved location will be available to the food vendor for the specific day during park open hours.

View a map of vendor locations at Las Colonias (PDF).

Food/Beverage Vendor Information

The participating public entities (City of Grand Junction, Mesa County, City of Fruita and Town of Palisade) would like Food Vendors to have to submit only once a year instead for each event to which they are invited. So, no matter which public entity for which you wish to qualify for, no matter how many events, entity-sponsored or not, read the Food Vendor Qualification Packet (click on button below) and submit the requested documents. Each public entity has decided on their individual requirements and the City of Grand Junction is collecting the documents and maintaining the web page for all the entities.

  1. Review the 2024 Food Vendor Qualification Packet or 2024 Cottage Food Vendor Qualification Packet for Public Facilities and decide which of the four public entities (City of Grand Junction, Mesa County, City of Fruita, Town of Palisade) for which you may be selected to work a public events. Some of the events that take place throughout the year are considered "Main Events" and the last page of the Packet has those listed for your convenience.
  2. Fill out the requested pages in the Packet and submit them along with the other requested documents to: Jennifer Howard at, or mail to (or drop off at) the City of Grand Junction Parks Administration:
    1340 Gunnison Avenue
    Grand Junction, CO 81501

    Contact 970-254-3866 with questions.
  3. If all qualifications are satisfied, your business name will be added to the lists seen above. (Category depends on Mesa County Health Department approval.)
  4. Event organizers will contact you directly to arrange for catering or concession services.
  5. Make sure your photo and menu information is up-to-date and informative because they will be viewed by event coordinators searching the lists for a caterer or concessionaire. Event organizers will be selecting from these lists. You are welcome to update this information as often as you like.

Grand Valley Food Truck Friday

Concessionaires! Interested in the Grand Valley Food Truck Friday group? Visit their website for more information.


For information or questions about the qualification process, please contact 970-254-3866 or email us.