Long Range Planning

One Grand Junction Comprehensive PlanThe City of Grand Junction understands the importance of planning for the future. The Community Development Department initiates and facilitates long range planning efforts for the City. Over the years the City has adopted long range plans for the entire urban area, neighborhood planning areas, street corridors, area plans, subarea plans and overlay districts. Some plans are planned jointly with Mesa County and adopted by both entities. The City's One Grand Junction Comprehensive Plan took 22 months to complete and was adopted by the City Council on December 16, 2020. The Plan supersedes and replaces the 2010 Joint Grand Junction Comprehensive Plan adopted by the City and Mesa County in February 2010.

What a Comprehensive Plan Is

Grand Junction's Comprehensive Plan is a blueprint for the City and the foundation of the Plan is the community's vision for its future. This vision guides the goals and strategies included in the plan that ultimately informs city priorities, future growth, services, and development in Grand Junction.

The Plan was derived directly from ideas and themes generated during the community outreach process. The Plan can be downloaded here:


Contact Community Development at comdev@gjcity.org or at 970-244-1430.