COVID-19 Update

We are actively evaluating the evolving international outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) and working with healthcare partners at the state and federal level. We are focusing on the well-being of our employees to continue providing robust services and to reduce transmission in our community.


We offer ride-along experiences for EMS students, hospital Medical students, and citizens. Simply use the tab below that best describes the type of ride-along you need and complete the appropriate form. You'll get a confirmation email in 1 to 2 weeks to schedule your visit.

  1. Citizens
  2. EMS Students
  3. Medical Students
  4. Prospective Employees

Welcome and thank you for your interest in the Grand Junction Fire Department. GJFD is a professional organization willing to provide citizens and Students with the opportunity to observe medical and fire response on a non-emergent and emergent level. Many times, it is difficult to understand the profession of a First Responder until you have seen it first-hand.

When you click the link, you will find and complete the application, the Third Rider Expectations Form and the Release and Liability Waiver. Fill out these forms completely. Please read this form carefully before signing; as we will hold you responsible for adhering to the expectations.

We hope you have a positive learning experience and an enjoyable time.

Third Rider Citizen Expectations:

  • All third riders must be at least 16 years of age. If the third rider is under the age of 18, a parent guardian must sign a release form.
  • All forms must be read, completed, and signed, to include: Release and Liability Waiver, Third Rider Expectations, Third Rider Notes.
  • The Grand Junction Fire Department will conduct a background check on all individuals applying for a Third Ride.
  • A picture ID must be presented to the station officer at the time of the ride.


  • No use of controlled substance or consumption of any alcohol within eight hours prior to the ride.
  • No profane or abusive language or behavior or otherwise inappropriate behavior during the ride.
  • Do not operate any department vehicles or unauthorized equipment.
  • Do not carry or wear any weapons.
  • Do not carry or operate any recording devices or cameras.
  • Operate under the direction of the Station Officer at all times.


  • Third Riders must be groomed and dressed appropriately, including acceptable personal hygiene. A station officer has the discretion and authority to deny the ride due to unacceptable grooming and clothing.
  • Riders must be dressed in:
    • Dark pants (no jeans or shorts).
    • Light blue or white button down or polo type shirt (shirts must have a collar, t-shirts are not allowed).
    • Dark colored shoes must be worn.

Citizen Ride-Along Request (Age 18+ Form)

Citizen Ride-Along Request (Age 16-17 Form)