Economic Impact Reports

The Economic Impact of Nonprofit Arts & Cultural Organizations & Their Audiences in the City of Grand Junction, Colorado (Fiscal Year 2015)

Direct Economic ActivityArts & Cultural Organizations+Arts & Cultural Audiences=Total Industry Expenditures
Total Industry Expenditures$11,275,00+$5,991,168=$17,266,268

Economic Impact of Spending by Arts & Cultural Organizations & Their Audiences

Total Economic Impact of ExpendituresEconomic Impact of Organizations+Economic Impact of Audiences=

Total Economic Impact

Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Jobs Supported339+173=512
Household Income Paid to Residents$9,350,000+$3,580,000=$12,930,000
Revenue Generated to Local Government$490,000+$446,000=$936,000
Revenue Generated to State Government$277,000+$179,000=$456,000

Event-Related Spending by Arts & Cultural Audiences Totaled $6 Million (Excluding the Cost of Admission)

Attendance to Arts and Culture EventsResident Attendees+Nonresident Attendees=All Cultural Audiences
Total Attendance to Arts and Culture Events196,933+33,129=230,062
Percentage of Total Attendance85.6%+14.4%=100.0%
Average Event-Related Spending Per Person$18.29+$72.12=$26.03
Total Event-Related Expenditures

Nonprofit Arts & Cultural Event Attendees Spend an Average of $26.03 Per Person (Excluding the Cost of Admission)

Category of Event-Related ExpenditureResident Attendees+Nonresident Attendees=All Cultural Audiences
Meals and Refreshments$12.25+$27.04=$14.37
Souvenirs and Gifts$2.32+$4.55=$2.64
Ground Transportation$1.16+$8.88=$2.27
Overnight Lodging (one night only)$0.16+$26.87=$4.00
Average Event-Related Spending Per Person

The Economic & Social Impact of the Arts Report (June 2007)

Every five years the Commission on Arts and Culture surveys the arts and cultural community and compiles this report. The Economic and Social Importance of the Arts in the Grand Valley (PDF) is a four-page report provided as a PDF.

Some key findings in the report:

Economic Highlights

  • Arts and culture had a $27 million impact on the local economy in 2006
  • Grand Valley arts and cultural organizations and agencies spent $10 million in total operating expenditures
  • Arts and cultural organizations also invested $900,000 in capital project spending
  • This direct arts and cultural spending totaled $11 million, which generated another $16 million in indirect spending-totaling a $27 million impact to the community
  • Arts and cultural organizations and agencies took in $11 million in revenue, a 60% increase over total income in 2000, the last year data was collected (this includes both nonprofit organizations and government agencies that provide arts and cultural activities, facilities and programming)
  • Income for nonprofit arts and cultural organizations (excluding government  agencies) increased 30% over 2000
  • Nonprofit arts and cultural organizations support 137 full time equivalent jobs at 18 different organizations or agencies-199 people work at full time or part-time jobs in the cultural industry
  • Mesa County has 255 for profit arts-related businesses that employ 883 people-local "creative industries" based on artistic or creative endeavors, from artists, architects, designers, galleries, and musicians, to radio and television and audio/video/movie production/sales/rentals

Social Highlights

  • 552,046 people attended or visited arts and cultural events and facilities in 2006-a 55% increase over 2000, the last year data was collected
  • 64 local arts and cultural organizations and agencies presented almost 2,000 events and activities in 2006 - a 160% increase over 2000
  • Cultural activities attracted an estimated 98,000 attendees from outside Mesa County, bringing new money into the community
  • 3099 volunteers donated 144,795 hours to arts and cultural non-profits in 2006
  • Arts and cultural organizations boast over 15,000 paid members throughout Western Colorado
  • In 2006 there were 283,000 free admissions to cultural events or facilities (50% of total attendance/visits), making arts and culture more accessible and available to everyone