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Hands-Only CPR Test

  1. Instrucitons

    Before taking this knowledge test be sure to watch both videos on the CPR homepage. Select what mannequin substitute you wish to use, watch the entire instructional video, and follow along to practice wherever you are taking the course. 

  2. When performing hands-only CPR, how many times should you push in the center of the chest during a one minute period? *

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  3. Ideally, when do you stop pushing on the victim's chest during hands-only CPR*

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  4. How deep should you push on the chest of an adult when doing hands-only CPR?*

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  5. What does an automated external defibrillator (AED) do?*

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  6. What are the correct steps for providing hands-only CPR?*

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  7. After this class, would you feel comfortable performing hands-only CPR if someone had a cardiac arrest?*
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