Fire Department Contact

Phone: 970-549-5800
Address: 625 Ute Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501

GJFD Operations

Fire Suppression/EMS Services

Grand Junction Fire Department responds to a variety of emergencies. We provide structural and wildland fire suppression, hazardous materials response, technical rescue, EMS care for emergent and non-emergent services.

Operations personnel also inspect commercial and multi-residential facilities for fire and life safety code violations and familiarization.

Our crews spend much of their down time training. From rope rescue, to fire suppression, and medical procedures we keep our skills sharp to provide the best care for our community.

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Grand Junction Fire Department is a career fire department with full-time employees serving Fire/EMS operations, fire prevention, community outreach, and administration.

Organizational Chart (PDF)
2020 Shift Calendar

Our planned daily staffing assignments for our five stations is as follows:

  • 1 Battalion Chief 
  • 1 EMS Officer
  • 5 Captains 
  • 5 Engineers 
  • 9 Firefighters
  • 4 EMT's
  • 4 Paramedics (Advanced Life Support)



GJFD Admin

Fire Administration- 625 Ute Avenue
Remodeled: 2011

3 Administrative Chiefs
1 EMS Chief
1 Fire Marshal
1 Administrative Battalion Chief
1 Training Captain
3 Administrative Assistants
3 Fire Prevention Specialists
1 Fire Inspector/Investigator
2 Community Outreach Specialists

 GJFD Station 1

Station 1- 625 Pitkin Avenue
Established: 1902
Remodeled: 2011
Specialty: Rope and River/Ice Rescue

1 Battalion Chief
1 EMS Officer
1 Ambulance
1 Ladder Truck
1 Heavy Rescue (cross staffed with Truck)

 GJFD Station 2

Station 2- 2835 Patterson Road
Relocated: 1992
Specialty: Desert Rescue

2 Ambulances
1 Fire Engine
2 ATVs (cross staffed with Engine)

 GJFD Station 3

Station 3- 582 25/12 Road
Established: 1975
Specialty: Hazardous Materials

Staffing:1 Ambulance
1 Ladder Truck
1 Haz-Mat Unit (cross staffed with Truck)

 GJFD Station 4

Station 4- 2884 B ½ Road
Established: 1979
Relocated: 2014
Specialty: Wildland Fire/ SCBA repair

1 Ambulance
1 Engine
2 Brush Trucks (cross staffed with Engine)
1 SCBA trailer

 GJFD Station 5

Station 5- 2155 Broadway
Established: 2004
Specialty: Confined Space/River Rescue

1 Daytime Ambulance
1 Engine
1 Boat (cross staffed with Engine)
1 Water Tender (cross staffed with Engine)
1 Light Brush Engine(cross staffed with Engine)
1 Confined Space Trailer(cross staffed with Engine)

 Station 6

Station 6- 729 27 Road
Construction in Progress, Open Fall 2020
Specialty: TBD

1 Ambulance
1 Ladder Truck