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Approved Food Vendors

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Are you a concessionaire or caterer interested in working an event at a City of Grand Junction facility or park, at the Mesa County Fairgrounds or at events such as the Palisade Sunday Market, Fruita Fall Festival or Mike the Headless Chicken Festival? Maybe you're an event planner and you wish to host an event at one of the public facilities? If so, then you have come to the right place!  The following information will help you get started:

Event Organizer Information

If you are interested in hosting an event at any City of Grand Junction, Mesa County, City of Fruita, or Town of Palisade public facility and would like food/beverage services please follow these simple steps: 

1. Contact the appropriate agency to reserve a facility: park shelter, park open space or indoor facility.  
City of Grand Junction (Includes Long Family Memorial Park) ~ 970-254-3866, or at 1340 Gunnison Avenue
Mesa County ~ 970-255-7107
Town of Palisade ~ 970-464-5602
City of Fruita ~ 970-858-3663

2. Along with your contract you will be given a list of all approved food and beverage caterers and concessionaires (listed below). You must contact a caterer or concessionaire from the approved list and make arrangements for your event.

3. All caterers and concessionaires must be on the approved list to vend at a City of Grand Junction, Mesa County, City of Fruita, or Town of Palisade facility.  If you would like to use a caterer or concessionaire not on the list, ask them to submit their qualifying documents using our easy packet.

2020 Food Vendor Qualification Packet for Public Facilities

Approved to work for:    City of Grand Junction dot_blue  Mesa County dot_red  Town of Palisade dot_green  City of Fruita dot_brown

2020 Approved Catering List

An event serviced by a retail food establishment that provides a contracted, prearranged number of meals and/or food products that are prepared at a licensed retail food establishment for service and are consumed at the same or another prearranged offsite location and not available for individual purchase. Catered events can also include delivered or drop and go food from a licensed retail food establishment.
 The Buttered Biscuit   dot_blue dot_green dot_brown  Colorado Q dot_blue dot_red dot_green dot_brown


2020 Approved Special Event List

A single community event or celebration that operates for a period of time of not more than 14 consecutive days and may include town celebrations, fairs, festivals or farmer's markets. Example are Fruita Fall Fest, Mesa County Fair, JUCO, etc.

   Gelato Junction dot_blue  Love Me Foods dot_blue dot_red dot_green dot_brown
  Hawg Food Fire Grill dot_blue dot_red dot_green dot_brown The Buttered Biscuit   dot_blue dot_green dot_brown
 Gumbo Lov Soulful Cajun Food dot_blue dot_red dot_green dot_brown  Colorado Q dot_blue dot_red dot_green dot_brown


2020 Approved On-Going Program or Sporting Event List

Regularly scheduled series of events held at such places as public parks, sporting arenas, concert halls, flea markets and sporadic promotional events such as grand openings.

Hawg Food Fire Grill  dot_blue dot_red dot_green dot_brown
 Love Me Foods dot_blue dot_red dot_green dot_brown
 The Buttered Biscuit   dot_blue dot_green dot_brown Gumbo Lov Soulful Cajun Food dot_blue dot_red dot_green dot_brown
 Colorado Q dot_blue dot_red dot_green dot_brown  


Food/Beverage Vendor Information

The participating public entities (City of Grand Junction, Mesa County, City of Fruita and Town of Palisade) would like Food Vendors to have to submit only ONCE a year instead for each event to which they are invited.  So, no matter which public entity for which you wish to qualify for, no matter how many events, entity-sponsored or not, read the Food Vendor Qualification Packet (click on button below) and submit the requested documents.  Each public entity has decided on their individual requirements and the City of Grand Junction is collecting the documents and maintaining the web page for all the entities.

 1. Review the Food Vendor Qualification Packet for Public Facilities and decide which of the four public entities (City of Grand Junction, Mesa County, City of Fruita, Town of Palisade) for which you may be selected to work a public events.  Some of the events that take place throughout the year are considered "Main Events" and the last page of the Packet has those listed for your convenience.

2. Fill out the requested pages in the Packet and submit them along with the other requested documents to: or mail to (or drop off at) the City of Grand Junction Parks Administration, 1340 Gunnison Ave,  81501, at Lincoln Park. Contact 970-254-3861 with questions.

3. If all qualifications are satisfied, your business name will be added to the lists seen above. (Category depends on Mesa County Health Department approval.)

4. Event organizers will contact you directly to arrange for catering or concession services.

5. Make sure your photo and menu information is up-to-date and informative because they will be viewed by event coordinators searching the lists for a caterer or concessionaire. Event organizers will be selecting from these lists. You are welcome to update this information as often as you like.

6. Note:  If you work a public event at a City of Grand Junction facility, be sure to use the Concessionaire Payment Form to calculate and submit the balance of your event fee with in 3 days of the end of the event. Follow a few simple guidelines and enjoy offering concessions at Grand Junction facilities.

Grand Junction Concessionaire Payment Form

Concessionaires!  Interested in the GRAND VALLEY FOOD TRUCK FRIDAY group?  Visit their website for more information:

For information or questions about the qualification process, please contact 970-254-3875 or