Mobile Food Vending

There are many ways for mobile food vendors - commonly known as food trucks - to operate in City Limits. The Community Development Department issues permits for food trucks that seek to operate on private property, and supports vendors in navigating the other approvals needed to operate in the community. The Community Development Department also supports business owners who wish to invite food trucks onto their properties for events or to complement their existing businesses. For mobile food vendors that wish to participate in public events such as Food Truck Fridays and the Market on Main, the City Parks and Recreation Department is a resource that maintains a list of vendors approved to operate at public events.

An overview of needed approvals for a variety of food truck business models can be found on the Mobile Food Vendor FAQ sheet here.

For more information about sanitation and health-related approvals, visit the Healthy Mesa County website. For more information about proper disposal of kitchen and warewashing waste and wastewater, contact the Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant. And, for more information about the fire safety contact the Grand Junction Fire Department.

Another resource for mobile food vendors is the Business Incubator Center Commercial Kitchen. The Business Incubator can provide a range of resources to vendors, including business development classes, general guidance, and facility support.

In 2020, the City adopted Ordinance No. 4908 to establish standards for mobile food vendors operating on private property. For more information about site improvements for long-term food truck locations and food truck courts, contact the Community Development Department.

Community Development Department