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1. Can marijuana businesses now begin operating in Grand Junction?
2. Who will permit marijuana businesses?
3. What kinds of marijuana businesses may come to Grand Junction?
4. Where can I find information about State laws related to marijuana?
5. What other rules about marijuana are changed by these ballot questions?
6. What is the timeline for the City Council to consider marijuana business licensing?
7. Where will marijuana businesses be allowed to operate?
8. I am a potential marijuana business owner. How can I apply for a license to operate in Grand Junction?
9. Can I improve my chances of securing a license for my marijuana business by working with the City before licenses applications are opened?
10. How can I share my perspectives with City Council regarding how marijuana businesses should be regulated in Grand Junction?
11. Where can I find information about marijuana and public health?
12. Do measures 2A and 2B allow the City to regulate medical marijuana businesses or retail (recreational) marijuana businesses?
13. Do measures 2A and 2B affect the operations of hemp businesses and CBD businesses?
14. I previously operated or owned a medical marijuana business in the City of Grand Junction. Will new licenses be granted to former operators first?
15. What role will local law enforcement play in the regulation of retail marijuana in our community?