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Volunteer Boards and Commissions

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Citizen participation at all levels of the governmental process is valued and encouraged. One way to get involved is through service on a volunteer board. The City of Grand Junction has 18 boards, committees, commissions and authorities on which over 100 citizens serve. Generally, the terms board, committee, commission and authority are synonymous, however, there are a few differences in the functions and powers of some boards.

Some of the City's boards require city residency but there are several that do not. There may be other qualifications required for membership on some boards but for the most part, the volunteer boards have a cross-section of community members willing to give of their time and particular talents.

Upcoming vacancies on the various boards are advertised in the Daily Sentinel and on this website. You may apply to serve on a volunteer board by completing the online Volunteer Board Application. The City Council reviews the applications and determines whether an interview session is appropriate. You will be contacted and kept informed of the process as it occurs.

If you have any questions on volunteer boards, please contact the City Clerk at 244-1511 or by email at


More Information About (* indicates internal board): 


Commission on Arts and Culture*


All eleven members are appointed by the Grand Junction City Council. At least five members must have acknowledged accomplishment as either an amateur or professional in architecture, art criticism, art education, art history, choreography, dance communicative arts, crafts, folk and ethnic arts, literature, media arts, music, opera, painting, photography, sculpture, theater or urban design.

The mission of the Commission on Arts and Culture is to enhance local arts and cultural opportunities and development, encourage cooperation and collaboration among arts organizations, provide information to area artists and arts agencies and establish community arts priorities.

The Commission meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at 4 p.m. in the Parks Administration building, 1340 Gunnison Avenue.  Terms last three years and expire in February. Commission members cannot be an employee of any other local arts or cultural organization.

Commission Members                                                             Term Expires

Gary Ambrosier                                                                                02/2021*

Donna Fullerton, Chair                                                                  02/2021

John Cooper                                                                                     02/2022

Kristian Hartter                                                                               02/2021

Kelley Raymond                                                                               02/2022

Sarah Meredith-Dishong                                                                02/2023*

Matthew Janson, Vice Chair                                                          02/2022

Ron Cloyd                                                                                          02/2022

Matt Goss                                                                                          02/2023

Diana Rooney                                                                                  02/2023

Anna Stout, City Council Representative                                  05/2021

*Re-appointed, not first term

Downtown Grand Junction Development Authority/Business Improvement District


This nine-member board is appointed by the Grand Junction City Council. Eight of the members must be a resident, business lessee or own real property within the boundaries of the DDA. The City Council shall appoint one City Councilmember that is exempt from the above qualifications. The four year terms expire in June.

The DDA's primary purpose is to facilitate reinvestment and redevelopment in downtown Grand Junction. The function of the Board of Directors is to establish policy and direct the Authority in its efforts. Meetings are held the second and fourth Thursday of each month at 7:30 a.m. at 437 Colorado Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501.

DDA Board members also serve as the board for the Downtown Grand Junction Business Improvement District (DGJBID). The DGJBID Board provides a continuity of effort in the promotion and revitalization of the business activities in the District by improving the economic vitality and overall commercial appeal of the Downtown area.  The DGJBID board meets monthly, the second Thursday, 7:30 a.m. at 437 Colorado Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501.

Board Members                                                                       Term Expires

Libby Olson                                                                                       06/2023

Cole Hanson                                                                                      06/2024

Dan Meyer                                                                                         06/2023*

Josh Niernberg, Co-Chair                                                              06/2022

Anna Stout, City Council Representative                                   05/2021

Maria Rainsdon                                                                               06/2022

Duncan Rowley                                                                                06/2021*

Doug Simons, Jr., Chair                                                                 06/2021

Vance Wagner                                                                                  06/2020

*Re-appointed, not first term

Forestry Board*

   Meeting Agenda

The Grand Junction Forestry Board acts as a reviewing body for the purpose of determining professional qualification and competence to engage in the business of cutting, trimming, pruning, spraying or removing trees by giving written, oral and practical license examinations. The board also makes recommendations to the City Council for the adoption of rules and regulations pertaining to the tree service business in the City, and it may hear complaints from citizens relating to the tree service business. The board meets the first Thursday of each month at 8 AM in the Parks Maintenance building at 2529 High Country Court.

Three of the five voting members and at least one alternate shall be selected from any of the following categories: professional arborist, nursery professional, landscape designer, pesticide applicator or otherwise trained or certified in a plant health industry. One member should be a representative of the Colorado State Forest Service if possible. Two of the members of the Board may be lay persons. Terms are for three years and expire in November.

Board Members                                                                          Term Expires

A. Vince Urbina                                                                               11/2021

Kamie Long, Chair                                                                          11/2022*

Mollie Higginbotham                                                                     11/2021

Susan Carter                                                                                     11/2021*

Bennett Boeschenstein                                                                  11/2022

Paul Morency, 1st Alternate                                                          11/2021

Tom Ziola, 2nd Alternate                                                              11/2021

*Re-appointed, not first term

Grand Junction Housing Authority


The Grand Junction Housing Authority provides safe and sanitary homes for persons of low and moderate income. The Housing Authority meets the fourth Monday of each month at 5:00 p.m. at Grand Junction Housing Authority Office, 8 N. Foresight Circle, Grand Junction, CO 81505. Members are appointed to five year terms by the City Council and must be knowledgeable in the area of real estate. One member is a member of City Council.

Authority Members                                                               Term Expires

Tami Beard                                                                                       10/2023

Ivan Geer, Vice Chair                                                                     10/2021

John Howe, Chair                                                                           10/2020

Timothy Hudner                                                                             10/2020

Chris Launer                                                                                    10/2022*

William Johnson                                                                            10/2024

Rick Taggart (City Council)                                                         05/2021

*Re-appointed, not first term

Grand Junction Regional Airport Authority


The Airport Authority consists of three members appointed by Mesa County Commissioners which may include one Commissioner. Three members are appointed by the Grand Junction City Council including one Council Member. The seventh member is appointed by board members with the concurrence of the County Commissioners and City Council. The appointees shall be residents and tax paying electors of Mesa County and Grand Junction as defined by Colorado Law.

This seven-member board is charged with setting policy and overseeing the operations of the Grand Junction Regional Airport. The Board ensures compliance with its bylaws, the State of Colorado Public Airport Authority Law and with FAA regulations. Terms are four years and expire in May for members appointed by the City Council. The Board meets the third Tuesday of each month at 5:15 p.m. at Grand Junction Regional Airport – Airport Terminal 3rd Floor Conference Room with additional meetings as needed.

Board Members                                                                  Term Expires

Tom Benton (County Appointed)                                            04/2021*

Ron Velarde (County Appointed)                                            04/2020

Linde Marshall (At-Large)                                                        02/2021

Erling Brabaek (City Appointed)                                             05/2023*

Thaddeus Shrader (City Appointed)                                       05/2021

Clay Tufly (County Appointed)                                                05/2023*

Charles McDaniel (City Council Representative)                05/2021

*Re-appointed, not first term

Historic Preservation Board*

     Meeting Agenda

The Historic Preservation Board is responsible for recommending designation of historic resources to City Council for listing on the City Register of Historic Sites, Structures and Districts. The Board also reviews proposed alterations to designated sites as necessary and generally promotes historic preservation in the Grand Junction community. The Board meets the first Tuesday of the month at 4:00 p.m. at the Grand Junction City Hall, Community Development Conference Room, 250 N. 5th Street, Grand Junction, CO 81501.

The Board shall consist of five to seven members providing a balanced, community-wide representation. If a five member board, then three members shall be professionals or have expertise in a preservation-related discipline including but not limited to: history, architecture, planning, or archaeology. One member shall be a member of the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Board or an employee of the DDA, and one member shall be a citizen at large.

Board Members                                                                        Term Expires

Mikhail Blosser                                                                                 12/2022

Greg Gnesios                                                                                     12/2021

Priscilla Mangnall                                                                            12/2022

Jody Motz                                                                                          12/2021*

Ron Parron, Chair                                                                           12/2020

Troy Reynolds                                                                                  12/2022*

Brandon Stam - DDA Representative                 

*Re-appointed, not first term

Horizon Drive Association Business Improvement District


Directors must be electors of the District. Appointments are made by the City Council of the City of Grand Junction.

The function of the Horizon Drive Association Business Improvement District Board of Directors is to take such actions and perform such duties as are required of the operations of the District. The District is allowed to make and contemplate a broad range of public improvements including but not limited to: streets, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, pedestrian malls, streetlights, drainage facilities, landscaping, decorative structures, statuaries, fountains, identification signs, traffic safety devices, bicycle paths, off-street parking facilities, benches, rest rooms, information booths, public meeting facilities and all incidental including relocation of utility lines. The District may provide services within the district including but not limited to: management and planning, maintenance of improvements, by contract if necessary, promotion or marketing, organization, promotion and marketing of public events, activities in support of business recruitment, management and development, snow removal or refuse collection and provide design assistance. The Board meets the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 10:30 a.m. in the conference room at 2764 Compass Drive, 2nd Floor.

Board Members                                                                          Term Expires

Fonda Gomez                                                                                    04/2021

Kevin Harrison                                                                                 04/2024

Brian Burford                                                                                   04/2024

Jay Moss                                                                                           04/2022*

Cameron Reece                                                                               04/2022

Darshann Ruckman                                                                       04/2022*

Linda Romer Todd                                                                         04/2021*

*Re-appointed, not first term

Mesa County Building Code Board of Appeals


Members must have experience and training in matters pertaining to building construction. Members, appointed by Mesa County with the concurrence of the City Council, need not be City residents. Terms last three years for the five-member board and expire in July.

The function of the Building Code Board of Appeals is to make special exceptions to the terms of the building code, formulate suggested amendments to the building code for consideration by the Board of County Commissioners; adopt substantive rules and regulations based on the provisions of the building code; may also hear appeals by any person aggrieved by his inability to obtain a building permit or by any officer, department, board, or bureau of the county affected by the granting or refusal of a building permit. The Board meets as necessary in the hearing room at the Old County Courthouse located at 544 Rood Avenue.

Board Members                                                                              Term Expires

Thomas Cronk                                                                                     07/2023*

Roy Anderson                                                                                      07/2021

Steve Peterson                                                                                     07/2021*

David Reinertsen                                                                                07/2023*

Ray Rickard                                                                                         07/2023*

*Re-appointed, not first term

One Riverfront (formerly Riverfront Commission)


One Riverfront is charged with planning, advocating and implementing the many parts of a program to redevelop and reclaim the riverfront within the City and County. The members may be required to meet informally for approximately 5 to 10 hours each week in study sessions. Meetings are held on the third Tuesday every other month at 5:30 p.m., typically in Training Room A of the old courthouse at 544 Rood, Grand Junction, CO 81501.

The eleven-member board serves three-year terms that expire in July and are appointed jointly by the Grand Junction City Council, Mesa County Commissioners, Fruita City Council and Palisade Town Council. A City Council member serves on the Commission as ex-officio.

Board Members                                                                       Term Expires

J. Fred Barbero                                                                                07/2023*

Rondo Buecheler                                                                            07/2023*

Dave Bastian                                                                                    07/2022

Joel Sholtes                                                                                      07/2023

Laney Heath                                                                                     07/2022*

Jennifer Reyes                                                                                 07/2023

Catherine Ventling                                                                          07/2022*

Lewis Patterson                                                                                07/2022

Thomas Moore                                                                                 07/2021

JoAnna Woodruff                                                                            07/2021

David Varner                                                                                     07/2021

Rick Taggart - City Council Representative                                05/2021

*Re-appointed, not first term

Orchard Mesa Pool Board*

     Meeting Agenda

The Orchard Mesa Pool Board is a three-member board – one elected official from the City, the School Board, and the Mesa County Board of Commissions.  Each member will serve until replaced.

The parties jointly established a board (Pool Board) to provide policy direction relating to the funding and management of the Pool during the term of the current Agreement.  The Pool Board shall be comprised of one member of City Council, one member of the Board of Commissions, and one member of the District 51 School Board.  The Pool Board shall recommend an annual budget and capital improvement plan(s) to the entities.  The Pool Board shall compare the expenses for operating and management services with the revenue derived from the operation of the Pool and that such expenses do not exceed revenue.  The Pool Board shall meet quarterly or as needed.

Board Members                                                                              Term Expires

Duke Wortmann                                                                                 05/2020

Rose Pugliese                                                                                      01/2021

Doug Levinston                                                                                  11/2019

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board*

   Meeting Agenda

The *seven-member board appointed by the City Council assists in the planning of recreation activities and helps to promote a long range program for the development of the City's park system. Members must be a citizen of the City and serve three year terms. One member is a member of the City Council.

The Board meets the first Thursday of each month at 12 noon at the Tiara Rado Clubhouse 25 Restaurant, 2057 S. Broadway. In addition, the Chairman of the Board may schedule periodic study sessions to review special projects and various other items of concern to the Board and staff.

Board Members                                                                              Term Expires

William Findlay                                                                                  06/2023*

Marc Litzen, Chair                                                                             06/2021*

Gary Schroen                                                                                      06/2021*

Lisa Whalin                                                                                         06/2022

Byron Wiehe                                                                                       06/2020

Beau Flores                                                                                         06/2022

Austin Solko                                                                                       06/2022

Nancy Strippel                                                                                   06/2023

Phillip Pe’a – Ex-Officio                                                                  05/2021

*Re-appointed, not first term

Parks Improvement Advisory Board*

     Meeting Agenda

As a not for profit corporation organized in 1982, this board advises the City on park improvement issues. Five members make up the board, representatives from School District 51, Mesa County, Colorado Mesa University, and the City of Grand Junction. The representatives are chosen by each entity.

Board Members

Lena Elliott, Austin Kaiser Alternate (Colorado Mesa University)

Bruce Hill, Darren Coltrinari Alternate (Grand Junction Baseball Committee, Inc.)

Scott McInnis, Greg Linza Alternate (Mesa County)

Doug Levinson, Paul Cain Alternate (School District 51)                     

Phillip Pe’a, Duke Wortmann Alternate (City of Grand Junction)

Planning Commission*

     Meeting Agenda

The Planning Commission makes decisions on certain planning and zoning related issues and makes recommendations to the City Council on similar matters. The Commission holds public hearings on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 6 p.m. in the City Hall Auditorium at 250 N. 5th St., Grand Junction, CO 81501.  The Commission also holds workshops as needed.

The seven members of the Commission and two alternates are appointed by City Council and serve four year terms which expire in October.  Members must be City residents.

Commissioners                                                                              Term Expires

Keith Ehlers                                                                                         10/2020*

George Gatseos                                                                                   10/2021

Christian Reece, Vice Chair                                                             10/2021*

Kenneth Scissors                                                                               10/2021

Andrew Teske, Chair                                                                         10/2021

Sam Susuras                                                                                      10/2022

William Wade                                                                                    10/2020*

Andrea Haitz, 1st Alternate                                                             10/2021

Sandra Weckerly, 2nd Alternate                                                    10/2021

*Re-appointed, not first term

Ridges Architectural Control Committee*

     Meeting Agenda

The Committee's role is to ensure that all construction meets the requirements of the Ridges Protective Covenants for the type of building material, color, height and other structural and architectural requirements.  The ACC meets as needed.

Board Members – All Terms are Continuous

Frank Rinaldi

Jeffery Fleming

Robert M. Stubbs



VACANT (Alternate)

Riverview Technology Corporation

A nonprofit corporation formed in 1999 to acquire the Department of Energy site near the Orchard Mesa Cemetery. The Board meets quarterly, Feb., May, Aug., Nov., usually the First Friday of the month at the Business Incubator Center.

Board Members                                                                              Term Expires

Will Hays, President                                                                           02/2021*

Katie Worrall, Vice President                                                           02/2021*

Steve Hovland, Secretary/Treasurer                                              02/2021*

Chris Muhr,                                                                                         02/2021*

Timothy Hatten                                                                                  02/2021*

Steve Smith                                                                                         02/2022

Shelly S. Dackonish                                                                          02/2022

Phyllis Norris – City Ex-Officio

Rose Pugliese – County Ex-Officio

*Re-appointed, not first term

Urban Trails Committee*

     Meeting Agenda

The purpose of the Urban Trails Committee is to plan and promote the City Council's goals for an interconnected network of sidewalks, path and routes for active transportation and recreation throughout the Grand Junction urbanized area.

 The seven to nine members are appointed by the City Council.  Terms are for three years and end in June. Meetings are held the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall, 250 N. 5th Street, in the Community Development Conference Room, Grand Junction, CO 81501.

Committee Members                                                                     Term Expires

Ross Mittelman                                                                                    06/2023

Diana Rooney                                                                                       06/2023

David Lehmann                                                                                   06/2021

Bob Doyle                                                                                             06/2023

Shana Wade, Chair                                                                             06/2022*

Orin Zyvan                                                                                           06/2022*

Alisha Wenger                                                                                     06/2023

Stephen Meyer                                                                                    06/2023*

Andrew Gingerich                                                                              06/2022

*Re-appointed, not first term

Visit Grand Junction Board*

     Meeting Agenda

The mission of the Visitor and Convention Bureau is to market the Grand Junction area in external markets for the purpose of attracting visitor dollars. The Board advises the VCB staff on policies and marketing directions.

The nine-member board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 3 p.m. for approximately 2 hours at various locations.  Additional meetings are called as required. Members serve 3 year staggered terms which expire in December.

Board Members                                                                              Term Expires

Tammy Anderson                                                                               12/2022*

Mikhail Blosser                                                                                   12/2020

Josh Niernberg                                                                                   12/2021*

Ken Mabery                                                                                         12/2021

Joseph Burtard                                                                                   12/2022

Zebulon Miracle                                                                                 12/2021

Paul Petersen, Vice Chair                                                                12/2020

Kelsey Coleman                                                                                 12/2022

Julie Shafer                                                                                        12/2021*

*Re-appointed, not first term

Zoning Board of Appeals *

     Meeting Agenda

The Board of Appeals hears and decides appeals of administrative decisions, appeals for variances of the bulk requirements and non-conforming uses, and requests for exceptions to the side or rear setback requirements pursuant to the Zoning and Development Code.  The Board also makes recommendations to the Planning Commission for amendments to the Zoning and Development Code.  This Board meets on an as-needed basis on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at noon.

The Board consists of three voting members appointed by the City Council.  Two of the members must be the appointed alternates to the Planning Commission.  Members must be City residents and voting members must be selected from the fields of: engineering, architecture, construction trades and citizens-at-large.  Terms expire in October and are for a period of four years.

Board Members                                                                              Term Expires

Andrew Teske, Chair                                                                           10/2021

Andrea Haitz, 1st Alternate on Planning Commission                 10/2021

Sandra Weckerly, 2nd Alternate on Planning Commission        10/2021