2018 Bid Summaries


Utility Conflict Verification/Potholing for Raw Water Irrigation and Waterline Replacement IFB-4587-19-DH
Kannah Creek Intake and/or Purdy Mesa Flowline Rehablitation IFB-4568-18-DH
2018 Sewer Line Replacement Project - Phase B IFB-4565-18-DH
7th to 8th Street, Main Street to Colorado Avenue Alley Reconstruction IFB-4560-18-DH
Grand Junction Horizon Drive Crosswalks IFB-4558-18-DH
Lewis Wash Bridge Replacement (Re-Bid) IFB-4548-18-DH
2018 Tiara Rado Cart Path - Asphalt Pavement Rehabilitation IFB-4557-18-DH
Las Colonias Park Phase 2 IFB-4547-18-DH
Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant Diffuser Outfall Improvements Project (RE-BID) IFB-4534-18-DH
2018 Load and Haul Residual Radioactive Material IFB-4544-18-DH
Horizon Drive Boring IFB-4542-18-DH
2018 7th Street Reconstruction - North Ave. to Orchard Ave. IFB-4513-18-DH
2018 Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk Replacement Project IFB-4521-18-DH
2018 Contract Street Maintenance - High Density Mineral Bond IFB-4515-18-DH
2018 Sewer Line Replacement Project - Phase A IFB-4492-18-DH
2018 Contract Street Maintenance - Asphalt Overlays IFB-4489-18-DH
Las Colonias Business Park Phase I and PHase IA IFB-4476-18-DH
Tennis Court Resurfacing Project 2018 IFB-4451-18-DH
2018 Waterline Replacement Project - Elm Avenue (28 1/4 Road - 28 3/4 Road) IFB-464-18-DH
 Bulk Fertilizer and Spread for Parks Golf Courses IFB-4448-18-DH


Comprehensive Plan Update RFP-4555-18-SH
Community Survey Consultant Services RFP-4535-18-SH
Development Impact Fee Study RFP-4539-18-SH
Consultant Services to Provide Methodology for Internal Service Fees RFP-4444-18-SH
Municipal Court Security Services IFB-4500-18-SH
Fire Systems Inspection Services IFB-4501-18-SH
Window Cleaning Services IFB-4530-18-SH


Police Utility Interceptors (Qty 7) IFB-4446-18-SH
Chip Spreader IFB-4475-18-SH
4x4 Utility Vehicle with Plow (Qty 3) IFB-4479-18-SH
Flat Bed Trailer IFB-4480-18-SH
60" Zero Turn Mower IFB-4485-18-SH
72" Zero Turn Mower IFB-4486-18-SH
Water Valve Maintenance Trailer IFB-4481-18-SH
Wide Area Mower IFB-4487-18-SH
Bunker Rake IFB-4490-18-SH
Greens Roller IFB-4491-18-SH
Flat Bed Trailer 18Ft Two Axle IFB-4512-18-SH


Dissolved Oxygen Meters & Sensors IFB-4565-18-SH
Portable Toilets IFB-4561-18-SH

Fleet Fuel Card Services RFI-4552-18-SH
Waste Can Liners IFB-4551-18-DH
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus Air Compressor System (SCBA) for Fire Station #1 IFB-4527-18-DH
Laboratory Inventory Management System (LIMS) RFI-4518-18-SH
Persigo Waste Water Treatment Plant Slide Gate Replacements for Control Structure #3 IFB-4503-18-DH
Activity Guide RFP-4420-18-SH
Refuse Containers RFP-4470-18-SH
Golf Course Lease or Management Services RFP-4459-18-SH
Microfiche to Digital Conversion RFP-4506-18-SH
Chip Seal Traffic Control IFB-4532-18-SH