2016-2017 Summaries


Lewis Wash Bridge Replacement IFB-4426-17-DH
Redlands Mesa Force Main Modifications Project IFB-4431-17-DH
Kannah Creek Intake Rehabilitation IFB-4414-17-DH
2017 Roadway Repairs IFB-4403-17-DH
Concrete Slab Construction for Streets Salt Shed IFB-4402-17-DH
Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant Diffuser Outfall Improvements Project IFB-4396-17-DH
Tennis Court Resurfacing Projects IFB-4398-17-DH
28 1/2 Road Sewer and Water Line Replacement and Overlay IFB-4399-17-DH
Desert Hills Estates Street Repairs IFB-4388-17-DH
Open Channel Tree and Brush Removal IFB-4385-17-DH
Riverside Parkway Access Improvements IFB-4387-17-DH
2017 Safe Route to Schools IFB-4380-17-DH
Senior Recreation Center Remodel IfB-4371-17-DH
2017 Riverside Parkway Resurfacing Project IFB-4367-17-DH
Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant Raw Sewage Wet Well Rehabilitation Project IFB-4361-17-DH
Site Fencing and Gates for New CNG Fueling Station IFB-4361-17-DH
Salt Storage Shed for City Streets Division IFB-4314-17-DH
Las Colonias Park Slough Restoration, Erosion Control Blanket, Topsoil, and Seeding IFB-4356-17-DH
2017 Pavement Preservation - Micro Surfacing IFB-4354-17-DH
Pavement Preservation High Density Mineral Bond IFB-4327-17-DH
2017 Sewer Line Replacement Project Phase A IFB-4326-17-DH
1st Street Reconstruction (Ouray Ave to North Ave) IFB-4321-17-DH
2017 Contract Street Maintenance IFB-4317-17-DH
2016 Sewer Interceptor Repair and Replacements IFB-4297-16-DH
Pedestrian Lighting Installation for North Avenue (12th Street to 23rd Street) IFB-4286-16-DH
Las Colonias Trail and Access Construction IFB-4282-16-DH
Construction and Site Work for the Las Colonias Park Amphitheater IFB-4278-16-DH
Slough Excavation, Concrete Demo and Nesting for Las Colonias Park IFB-4276-16-DH
Installation for Water Treatment Plant Filter Upgrade IFB-4285-16-DH
B 1/2 Road Overpass at US Hwy 50 Multimodal Conversion Project IFB-4199-16-DH
Mesa County Old Courthouse Building, East Entrance Roof Replacement IFB-4275-16-DH
Hallenbeck Reservoir #1 Downstream Slope Repair Project IFB-4245-16-DH
Sallyport Four-Fold Door Replacement Project for Mesa County Detention Facility IFB-4258-16-DH
2016 Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk Replacement Project IFB-4269-16-DH
HVAC Upgrade Project for Sheriff's Office Rooftop Air Handler Replacement IFB-4257-16-DH
Justice Center Security Management System IFB-4253-16-NJ
HVAC Upgrade Project for Chipetea Building RTU Replacements IFB-4254-16-DH
HVAC for City Hall I.T. Server Room IFB-4230-16-DH
Two Rivers Convention Center Kitchen Makeup Air Unit Replacement IFB-4216-16-DH
Deck Replacements for Crystal Brook Apartment Buildings for Grand Junction Housing Authority IFB-4213-16-DH
City Hall I.T. Server Room Fire Suppression System Project IFB-4201-16-DH
Mesa County Fairgrounds at Veteran's Memorial Park Grandstands Ramp Accessibility Upgrade Project IFB-4182-16-DH
Motor Control Centers Replacements for Persigo WWTP Phase IV IFB-4168-16-DH
2016 Waterline Replacement Project IFB-4158-16-NJ
North Avenue Complete Streets Project (12th Street to 23rd Street) RE-BID IFB-4156-16-DH
2016 Safe Routes to School IFB-4165-16-DH
2016 Asphalt Overlay Project IFB-4149-15-DH


9-1-1 Phone Solution RFI-4382-17-SH
Strategic Planning Consultant RFP-4344-17-SH
Retiree Health Fund Investment Services RFP-4325-17-SH
JUCO Security Services RFQ-4324-17-SH
Roll Off Containers for City Leaf Cleanup Program IFB-4296-16-DH
Commercial Laundry Services RFP-4284-16-SH
Group Health Savings Account Administration RFP-4225-16-SH
GVT Exterior Bus Advertising RFP-4235-16-SH
GVT Operations Services RFP-4246-16-SH
Credit and Debit Card Processing Services RFP-4244.16-SH
PREA Audit Services RFP-4219-16-SH
Employee Life, AD&D and Disability Insurance RFP-4224-16-NJ
Carpet Cleaning Services Contract(s) for City of Grand Junction and/or Grand Junction Housing Authority IFB-4205-16-DH
Event Ticketing/Staffing Services RFP-4143-15-NJ


Ambulance Type 1AD (Qty 3) RFP-4401-17-SH
1-Ton 2x4 Reg Cab Pickup with Utility Body (Qty 2) IFB-4394-17-SH
Pressure Washer IFB-4397-17-SH
1-Ton 4x4 Reg Cab Pickup with Utility Body IFB-4393-17-SH
Half Ton 2x4 Long Bed Reg Cab Pickup w/CNG Option IFB-4392-17-SH
Half Ton 2x4 Short Bed Reg Cab Pickup IFB-4391-17-SH
4x4 Utility Vehicle with Plow (Qty 2) IFB-4390-17-SH
Side by Side Turf Utility Vehicle with Turf Sprayer IFB-4389-17-SH
1.5 Ton Hook Lift Truck IFB-4373-17-SH
RV/Travel Trailer Mobile Visitor Center IFB-4370-17-SH
Side Load Refuse Truck RFP-4333-17-SH
Rough Mower IFB-4388-17-SH
1.5 Ton 4.2 Crew Cab Hook Lift Truck IFB-4357-17-SH
Hook Lift Truck IFB-4337-17-SH
Two Hook Lift Trucks IFB-4336-17-SH
Mid-Size AWD SUV IFB-4335-17-SH
3/4 Ton Short Bed Pickup IFB-4334-17-SH
Flat Bed Trailer IFB-4301-16-SH
Flat Bed Trailier IFB-4293-16-SH
Half Ton Pickup IFB-4292-16-SH
Rotary Mower Terrain Cut IFB-4289-16-SH
3/4 Ton Pickup w Utility Body 
Trailer Mounted Vacuum Leaf Machine IFB-4279-16-NJ
Automotive Batteries IFB-4249-16-SH
Tailgate Salt/Sand Spreader IFB-4265-16-NJ
6 Yard V-Box Salt/Sand Spreader IFB-4264-16-NJ
9 Yard V-Box Salt/Sand Spreader IFB-4263-16-NJ
Mid-Size Sedans IFB-4255-16-NJ
Motor Grader Snow Plows IFB-4252-16-NJ
Extended Cap Pickup IFB-4248-16-NJ
Wheel Front End Loader IFB-4241-16-NJ
Air Compressor IFB-4239-16-NJ
Half Ton Pickup IFB-4237-16-NJ
AWD Police Utility Interceptor IFB-4234-16-NJ
Articulated Landfill Compactor RFP-4233-16-NJ
Utility Vehicle with Snow Plow IFB-4228-16-NJ
One Ton Pickup with Utility Body IFB-4226-16-NJ
Tires and Repair Services IFB-4222-16-NJ
Service Truck with Crane IFB-4204-16-NJ
Cemetery Backhoe IFB-4202-16-NJ
Motor Grader IFB-4189-16-NJ
Backhoe IFB-4186-16-NJ
Wide Area Mower IFB-4184-16-NJ
Rough Mower IFB-4185-16-NJ
Bunker Rake IFB-4180-16-NJ
3/4 Ton Crew Cab 4x4 Pickup IFB-4179-16-NJ
Tandem Axle 10 Yard Dump Truck IFB-4172-16-NJ
End Dump Trailer IFB-4177-16-NJ
1/2 Ton Fire Department Pickup IFB-4170-16-NJ
AWD Utility Police Interceptor's IFB-4167-16-NJ
4x4 Extended Cab Pickup IFB-4159-16-NJ
4x4 Crew Cab Pickup IFB-4160-16-NJ
4x4 Standard Cab Pickup IFB-4161-16-NJ


Printing and Copying Services RFP-4419-17-SH
Road Salt Transport IFB-4404-17-SH
Safety Pool Covers IFB-4400-17-DH
Advertising, Website/Marketing, Public Relations RFP-4378-17-SH
Chip Seal Road Oil 2017 IFB-4359-17-DH
Grass Sod for Las Colonias Park Amphitheater Area RFQ-4353-17-DH
Fire Records Management System (RMS) RFI-4291-16-SH
Hot Mix Asphalt 2017 IFB-4332-17-DH
Aggregate and Road Material 2017 IFB-4331-17-DH
Bulk Fuel Delivery RFP-4305-16-SH
Fire Uniforms and Work Clothing RFP-4304-16-SH
Electronic Document Management System for Mesa County RFP-4274-16-NJ
Electronics Waste Recycling RFP-4281-16-NJ
Road Salt Transport IFB-4272-16-NJ
Bicycles for SRTS RFQ-4243-16-SH
Enclosed Bicycle Trailer for SRTS RFQ-4242-16-SH
Safety Pool Covers IFB-4240-16-NJ
Local Auction Services RFP-4154-16-SH
Police Bicycles RFQ-4197-16-SH
Inmate Commissary Services RFP-4215-16-NJ
Deck Furniture Replacement at Lincoln Park-Moyer Pool IFB-4210-16-DH
Waste Can Liners IFB-4198-16-NJ
Hot Mix Asphalt 2016 IFB-4193-16-DH
Roll Off Containers and Drivers IFB-4191-16-NJ
Dump Truck and Driver Rentals IFB-4190-16-NJ
Skid Steer Rentals for Spring Cleanup IFB-4188-16-NJ
Baseball Scoreboard Replacements for Canyon View Park Softball Complex IFB-4164-16-DH
Fuel Services RFP-4125-15-SH