2015 Bid Summaries


Grand Junction Housing Authority Flooring and/or Carpet Replacement Contract 2016 IFB-4146-15-DH
CLETC Water Line Project IFB-4079-15-DH
Fiber Cabling Installation for New Fire Station #4 IFB-4073-15-DH
2015 Sewer Line Replacement Phase II F001625 IFB-4070-15-DH
Gray Gourmet Building HVAC Replacement IFB-4052-15-DH
White Hall Demolition IFB-4045-15-DH
Addition to and Renovation of HVAC Roof Top Unit (RTU) for Elections Area of Mesa County Services Building IFB-4043-15-DH
Slider Door Replacements for Mesa County Sheriff's Office Detention Center IFB-4042-15-DH
City Hall Server Room Relocation Project - Phase 1 IFB-4138-15-DH
North Avenue Complete Streets Project (12th Street to 23rd Street) IFB-4106-15-DH
Re-Roofing Projects for Tiara Rado and Facilities Buildings IFB-4116-15-DH
G Road - Phase II Improvements Project IFB-4093-15-DH
Safe Routes to Schools Phase I IFB-4092-15-DH
Primary Clarifier Rehabilitation Project IFB-4105-15-NJ
2015 Curb, Gutter, and Sidewalk Replacement Project IFB-4076-15-DH (CANCELED)
Temporary Bypass Pumping Services for Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant IFB-4067-15-DH
Redlands Club Sewer Improvement District IFB-4048-15-SDH
Electrical Work for HVAC Roof Top Units (RTU) for Elections Office of Mesa County Central Services Building IFB-4044-15-DH
Mesa County Asphalt Crack Fill, Seal Coat & Stripe Project 2015 IFB-4020-15-DH
Motor Control Centers Replacements for Persigo WWTP Phase III IFB-3993-15-DH
Leach Creek Flood Control Dam Project IFB-4006-15-DH
Las Colonias Park Phase 1 IFB-3997-15-DH
Las Colonias Park Restroom/Shelter IFB-3996-15-DH
2015 Asphalt Overlay Project IFB-3959-15-SDH
2015 Sewer Line Replacement IFB-3964-15-SDH

Professional Services:

GVT Operations, Route and Schedule Analysis RFP-4111-15-NJ
Credit Card, Check Readers/Verification, and Online Payment Services RFP-4103-15-NJ
Executive Search Services RFP-4072-15-NJ
Website Re-Design RFP-4063-15-NJ


Tractor Mower IFB-4145-15-NJ
Tandem Dump Truck with V-Box IFB-4128-15-NJ
Tandem Dump Truck with Mag Tank IFB-4129-15-NJ
Water Tank Drop-On Kits IFB-4108-15-NJ
Street Sweeper RFP-4081-15-NJ
Zero Turn Mower IFB-4096-15-NJ
4x4 Super Cab Pickup IFB-4086-15-NJ
Electric Car IFB-4049-15-NJ
CNG Dump Truck - 10 Yard - IFB-4035-15-NJ
CNG Dump Truck - 5 Yard - IFB-4033-15-NJ
CNG Pickup IFB-4031-15-NJ
Alternative Fueled Cargo Van IFB-4034-15-NJ
Knuckle Boom Truck IFB-4032-15-NJ
Message Boards IFB-4027-15-NJ
Tandem Axle Dump Truck IFB-4030-15-NJ
Crack Sealing Unit IFB-4022-15-NJ
Police Package SUV IFB-4023-15-NJ
Fire Package SUV IFB-4026-15-NJ
Large Area Rotary Mower IFB-4019-15-NJ
Fairway Mowers IFB-4010-15-NJ
AWD Ford Utility Police Interceptors IFB-4018-15-NJ
Motor Grader IFB-4007-15-NJ
Bucket Truck IFB-3998-15-NJ
AWD Utility Interceptor IFB-3999-15-NJ
Wide Area Mower IFB-3995-15-NJ
AWD Utility Police Interceptor IFB-3976-15-NJ
3-4-Ton Pickup with Utility Body IFB-3994-15-NJ
Mid-Size Sedan IFB-3991-15-NJ
Cutaway Cube Van IFB-3989-15-NJ
4x4 Pickup IFB-3982-15-NJ
Cab and Chassis Truck IFB-3981-15-NJ
One-Ton Crew Cab Truck IFB-3980-15-NJ
Utility Vehicles IFB-3984-15-NJ
Utility Police Interceptor IFB-3968-15-NJ
Sport Utility Police Pursuit Vehicle IFB-3967-15-NJ
Asphalt Paver IFB-3966-15-NJ
3/4 Ton Crew cab Pickup IFB-3965-15-NJ
Skid Steer Loader IFB-3961-14-NJ
One-Ton Cab and Chassis Truck IFB-3957-14-NJ


Fire Hose IFB-4124-15-SH
Copy Paper IFB-4144-15-DH
Fertilizers for Parks and Recreation Department 2015 IFB-4062-15-DH
Aggregate & Road Material 2016 IFB-4135-15-DH
Buthorn Drainage Project Materials IFB-4133-15-NJ
OM Fire Station Furnishings IFB-4122-15-NJ
Animal Shelter Operations SOQ-4117-15-NJ
Mesa County Fairgrounds Private Security Services SOQ-4118-15-NJ
Replacement Firewall RFP-4089-15-NJ
Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing System for Mesa County Sheriff's Office, Evidence Storage IFB-4094-15-DH
Intelligent Transportation System for GVT RFP-4077-15-NJ
Potable Water Storage Tank(s) IFB-4087-15-NJ
Hazardous Waste Containers IFB-4082-15-NJ
Rugged Tablets and Vehicle Installation RFP-4078-15-NJ
Storage Area Network System Arrays RFP-4060-15-NJ
Fire Suppression Services IFB-4046-15-NJ
Roadside Weed Control for Mesa County IFB-4005-15-SH
Neptune Water Meters IFB-4008-15-NJ
Leased Vehicles RFP-3949-15-SH
Roll Off Containers with Drivers for City Spring Cleanup Program IFB-4012-15-DH
Dump Truck Rentals with Drivers for City Spring Cleanup Program 2015 IFB-4011-15-DH
Work Clothing RFP-3990-15-NJ
Aggregate & Road Material 2015 IFB-4002-15-DH
Janitorial Services for CSB and WFC RFP-3986-15-NJ
Horizon Drive Roundabouts Potholing Project IFB-3983-15-DH
Crackfill Material 2015 IFB-3979-15-DH
Vending for Mesa County Facilities RFP-3973-15-NJ
High Security Detention Locks IFB-3972-15-NJ
Ballot Packets RFP-3963-15-SH
Wide Area Network Project RFP-3955-14-NJ
GVT West Transfer Station Re-Bid IFB-3960-14-NJ