2014 Bid Summaries


Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant Primary Anaerobic Digester Cover Improvements Project IFB-3951-14-NJ
GVTW Fence IFB-3926-14-NJ
Mesa County Fairgrounds Improvement Phase 3A - BMX Site
Mesa County Fairgrounds Improvement Phase 3B - BMX Building - Canceled
Leach Creek Open Channel Tree and Brush Removal 2014-2015 IFB-3916-14-DH
North Avenue & 29 3/8 Road Repair IFB-3921-14-SDH
Replacement of Evaporative Coolers for Grand Junction Housing Authority, Walnut Park Apartments IFB-3906-14-DH CANCELLED
Re-Roofing Project for Grand Junction Housing Authority, Crystal Brook Apartments IFB-3912-14-DH
27 & H Road Bridge Deck Replacement GRJ-H-27.01A IFB-3891-14-DH
City of Grand Junction CNG Slow-Fill/Time-Fill Fueling Station Expansion Project IFB-3893-14-DH
Fertilizers for Parks and Recreation Department IFB-3895-14-DH
Grand Valley Transit Improvements IFB-3884-14-SDH
24 1/2 Road Decel Lane IFB-3885-14-SDH
2014 Sewer Line Replacement Project Phase 2
Mesa County Fairgrounds Entrance Improvements Phase 2 A&B
2014 Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk Replacement Project IFB-3868-14-SDH
Persigo Waste Water Treatment Plant Flow Equalization Basin Floor Repair IFB-3875-14-DH
Hazardous Waste Processing Facility Construction Re-Bid IFB-3873-14-DH
Re-Roofing Project for Recycling Center IFB-3868-14-DH
Mesa County Courthouse and Annex Boiler Plant Replacement Project IFB-3852-14-NJ
2014 Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk Replacement Project IFB-3864-14-SDH
Riverside Parkway Fencing Construction/Extension IFB-3803-14-DH
Dump Truck Rentals with Drivers for City Spring Cleanup Program 2014 IFB-3787-14-DH
2014 Sewer & Water Line Replacement Project IFB-3832-14-SDH
Grand Valley Transit West Transfer Station Building Construction Project IFB-3793-14-SDH
White Hall Abatement East Wing IFB-3817-14-SDH
Motor Control Centers Replacements for Persigo WWTP Phase II IFB-3671-14-DH
Bulk Booking and Drug Storage Exhaust IFB-3773-14-NJ
Kannah Creek Flow Line Replacement Project IFB-3789-14-SDH
2014 Asphalt Overlay Project IFB-3782-14-SDH
Hazardous Waste Processing Facility Construction IFB-3838-14-DH
Re-Roofing Project for Flow Equalization Basin at Persigo WWTP IFB-3881-14-DH

Professional Services:

North Avenue Complete Streets Revitalization Landscape/Architectural Final Design for 12th Street to 23rd Street RFP-3924-14-NJ
Mesa County Financial Audit Services RFP-3943-14-SDH
City of Grand Junction Fire Station #4 CM/CG RFP-3938-14-DH
TPA Services RFP-3923-14-NJ
Mesa County Fairgrounds Private Security Services SOQ-3913-14-NJ
2015 Digital Aerial Orthophotography and DigitalBuilding Footprints Project RFP-3911-14-NJ
Industry Cluster Analysis RFP-3910-14-NJ
Wireless Telecommunications Master Plan RFP-3890-14-NJ
Advertising Services, Website/Online Marketing, Public Relations SOQ-3863-14-SH
ROW I-70 Exit 31 Horizon Drive RFP-3877-14-SH
Commercial Laundry Services RFP3870-14-NJ
Window Cleaning Services IFB-3854-14-NJ
JUCO Traffic Control Services RFQ-3836-14-NJ
Mesa County Traffic Control Services RFP-3814-14-NJ
Private Security and Lockup Services RFP-3776-14-NJ
Urinalysis Testing RFP-3767-13-NJ


Alternative Fuel Cargo Van IFB-3952-14-NJ
Agricultural Tractor with Attachments IFB-3946-14-NJ
Arena Grooming Equipment IFB-3944-14-NJ
One-Ton 4x4 Truck IFB-3900-14-NJ
Dump Bed Trailer IFB-3896-14-NJ
Motor Grader Hitch System IFB-3898-14-NJ
Sidewalk Scrubber IFB-3876-14-NJ
Large Commercial SUV IFB-3871-14-NJ
Horizontal Grinder for Mesa County Landfill IFB-3858-14-DH
Wide Area Mower IFB-3851-14-NJ
Tires and Repair Services IFB-3821-14-NJ
Trim Mower IFB-3850-14-NJ
One Ton Hook Lift Dump Truck IFB-3842-14-NJ
Zero Turn Mower IFB-3828-14-SH
Rotary Mower IFB-3833-14-NJ
Flat Bed Dump Truck IFB-3827-14-NJ
Hook Lift Truck IFB-3811-14-SH
Tandem Axle Dump Truck IFB-3823-14-NJ
Hook Truck with Dump and V Box IFB-3805-14-SH
Utility Vehicle IFB-3819-14-NJ
Ten Yard Dump Truck IFB-3818-14-NJ
3/4 Ton 4x4 Pickup IFB-3816-14-NJ
3/4 Ton 4x4 Pickup (Long Box) IFB-3815-14-NJ
Crew Cab Truck with Utility Body IFB-3808-14-NJ
AWD Utility Police Interceptor IFB-3809-14-NJ
Mid Size SUV 4WD or AWD IFB-3800-14-SH
Mini Van IFB-3799-14-SH
Pickup Half Ton Ext Cab Short Bed IFB-3797-14-SH
3/4 Ton 2x4 Pickup IFB-3796-14-NJ
Tri-Deck Mower IFB-3810-14-NJ
3/4 Ton 4x4 Pickup (Short Box) IFB-3807-14-NJ
Half Ton 4x4 Pickup (Long Box) IFB-3806-14-NJ
Pot Hole Vacuum Trailer IFB-3794-14-SH
Half Ton 4x4 Pickup IFB-3795-14-NJ
One Ton 4x4 Pickup with Attachments IFB-3792-14-NJ
Pickup 3/4 Ton with Utility Body IFB-3783-14-NJ
Police Package SUV IFB-3779-14-NJ
AWD Utility Police Interceptor IFB-3777-14-NJ
Regular Cab 3/4 Ton Flatbed Pickup IFB-3781-14-NJ
3/4 Ton 4x4 Pickup IFB-3780-14-NJ
Half Ton 4x4 Pickup IFB-3778-14-NJ
Front Loading Refuse Truck RFP-3771-13-NJ


BMX Track Bleachers IFB-3920-14-NJ
Mag Chloride Dust Control IFB-3950-15-SH
Grand Valley Transit West Transfer Station Furnishings IFB-3947-14-NJ
Arena Panels and Gates IFB-3941-14-NJ
2015 Official Visitor Guide RFP-3930-14-SH
Janitorial Services for Mesa County RFP-3929-14-NJ
Mesa County Parks Maintenance IFB-3936-14-NJ
Inmate Food Services RFP-3905-14-SH
Eye Scan Drug Testing System RFP-3922-14-NJ
Economic Development Marketing Plan RFP-3908-14-SH
2015 Fireworks Shows for Grand Jct and Fruita IFB-3907-14-DH
Mobile Column Lift IFB-3899-14-NJ
Electronics Waste Recycling RFP-3892-14-NJ
Hazardous Waste Containers IFB-3889-14-NJ
Document Scanning Services RFP-3880-14-SH
Thermal Imagers RFP-3831-14-SH
Labconco Safety Fume Hood RFQ-3872-14-SH
Sign Posts U-Channel IFB-3865-14-SH
Fire Uniforms and Work Clothing RFP-3847-14-NJ
Crackfill Material 2014 IFB-3844-14-DH
Copy Paper IFB-3845-14-DH
Thermal Imagers RFP-3831-14-SH
Janitorial Products & Supplies IFB-3830-14-DH
Revenue Generating Advertising RFP-3801-14-SH
Landfill GPS Equipment for Mesa County IFB-3804-14-DH
Stadium Concessionaire Services RFP-3764-13-NJ