2013 Bid Summaries


Cancellation - Electrical Generation System at Persigo Wastewater Treatment Facility RFP-3672-13-SDH
Mesa County Fairgrounds at Veterans Memorial Park Phase 1 - East Construction IFB-3759-13-SDH
Cancellation - Evaporative Coolers Replacements for Walnut Park Apartments for GJHA IFB-3752-13-DH
Evaporative Coolers Replacements for Walnut Park apartments for GJHA IFB-3752-13-DH
Cancellation - Walnut Park Apartments Roofing Improvements for GJHA IFB-3749-13-DH
Walnut Park Apartments Roofing Improvements for GJHA IFB-3749-13-DH
Water Tank Repainting Project IFB-3746-13-SDH
Grand Junction Public Safety Server Room Exhaust Fan RFQ-3748-13-NJ
Fruita Connection to Riverfront Trail Phase 3 IFB-3738-13-SDH
Brach's Market Liftstation Replacement Project IFB-3701-13-SDH
Wingate Irrigation Pump Replacement & Sediment Structure IFB-3727-13-SDH
G Road Improvements IFB-3619-13-SDH
Colorado Riverfront Trail Repairs IFB-3617-13-SDH
Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant Influent Slide Gate Replacement IFB-3697-13-SDH
River Road North Trunk Line Extension Project IFB-3706-13-SDH
2013 Sewer Interceptor Repair & Replacement Project IFB-3702-13-SDH
2013 Orchard Avenue Epps Drive Reconstruction IFB-3694-13-SDH
TRCC Stairs Replacement IFB-3699-13-NJ
Mesa County 2013 Street Overlay Project IFB-3691-13-SDH
Concrete Pad for Firing Range IFB-3684-13-SH
Lincoln Park Renovations Phase 3 IFB-3690-13-SDH
North Avenue Accessibility Improvement Project IFB-3681-13-SDH
*Sewer Line Replacement IFB-3674-13-SDH
*D.5 Road Safety Improvements IFB-3647-13-SDH
ADA Pool Remodel IFB-3660-13-DH
Crosswalk & Sidewalk Construction for Lincoln Park IFB-3675-13-DH
*Carpet Replacement For Two Rivers IFB-3589-13-DH
*Orchard Mesa Pool Re-Plaster IFB-3648-13-NJ
*Mesa County Animal Services Floor Rehab IFB-3651-13-DH
*OM Pool Deck Resurfacing Project IFB-3652-13-DH
Avalon Theatre Addition & Renovation IFB-3628-13-SDH
Concrete Floor Replacement at TRCC RFQ-3623-13-DH
* Mesa County Public Safety Training Facility IFB-3584-13-DH
*22 Road Realignment at Hwy 6 B1 IFB-3614-13-SDH
*22 Road Realignment at Hwy 6 B2 IFB-3614-13-SDH
*22 Road Realignment at Hwy 6 A1 IFB-3614-13-SDH
*22 Road Realignment at Hwy 6 A2 IFB-3614-13-SDH
*6th Street Improvements IFB-3592-13-SDH
*K Road Improvements IFB-3595-13-SDH
*2013 Asphalt Overlays IFB-3593-13-SDH 
*Mesa County Bluestone Bridge Replacement IFB-3594-13-SDH

Professional Services:

Mesa County 2013 Financial Audit Services RFP-3753-13-SDH
2040 Regional Transportation Plan Update RFP-3736-13-NJ
Grant Writing Services for Mesa County RFP-3724-13-NJ
Master Plan Development for Matchett Park RFP-3676-13-DH
Auditing and Tax Services for Grand Junction Housing Authority RFP-3718-13-DH
Auditing and REAC Reporting Services for Grand Junction Housing Authority RFP-3717-13-DH
Website Development for Grand Junction Housing Authority RFP-3715-13-DH
Mesa County Medical Clinic Services RFP-3685-13-SH
Mesa County Fairgrounds Private Security Services SOQ-3692-13-NJ
*Mesa County Fairgrounds Design Services RFP-3654-13-SDH
Mesa County Solid Waste Management Services RFP-3590-13-SDH


Container Delivery Truck IFB-3768-13-NJ
SUV Mid-Size 4-Dr 4WD IFB-3760-13-SH
Pickup 3/4 Ton Regular Cab with Utility Body IFB-3742-13-NJ
Pickup 3/4 Ton Crew Cab Short Box 4x4 for GJHA IFB-3747-13-NJ
Utility Task Vehicle (UTV) RFQ-3734-13-NJ
Hook Lift Truck IFB-3728-13-SH
Used Pickup 4x4 Ext Cab (MC) IFB-3725-13-SH
75-Foot Ladder Truck IFB-3714-13-SH
Articulated Front End Loader (MC) IFB-3710-13-NJ
SUV's Used Mid-Size 4-Dr IFB-3653-13-SH
Pickup 3/4-Ton IFB-3613-13-SH
Large 4-Dr 2x4 Police SUV SSV IFB-3607-13-SH
Pickup 1-ton Flat Bed IFB-3597-13-SH
Dump Truck 5-Yard with Mag Tank IFB-3669-13-SH
Utility Trailer Tilt Deck IFB-3677-13-SH
Jet Vacuum Truck RFP-3568-13-SH
Bunker Rake RFP-3670-13-SH
Pickup 3/4 Ton w Utility Body IFB-3663-13-SH
*Mini Van Alternate Fuel RFP-3636-13-SH
*Rear Load CNG Refuse Truck RFP-3608-13-NJ
*Mowers Zero Turn Radius IFB-3662-13-SH
*72 Inch Fwd Deck Mower IFB-3659-13-SH
*Mid-Size SUV's RFP-3625-13-SH
*Dump Trucks IFB-3657-13-SH
*Motor Grader IFB-3658-13-SH
*Brush Chipper RFP-3610-13-SH
*Utility Truck 1 Ton 4x4 with 8ft. Body RFP-3634-13-SH
*Pickup Half Ton Long Bed 2x4 with CNG Option IFB-3644-13-SH
*Pickup 1 ton 4x4 Cab and Chassis No Bid IFB-3635-13-SH
*Seven Passenger Mini Vans IFB-3631-13-SH
*Mid-Size SUV's IFB-3625-13-SH
*SUV Mid-Size 4 Door 4x4 with Alternative Fuel Options IFB-3643-13-SH
*Extended Cab 4x2 Short Box Pickup IFB-3638-13-NJ
*Extended Cab 4x4 Short Box Pickup IFB-3637-13-NJ
*Pickup Half Ton Short Bed Extended Cab 4x4 IFB-3602-13-SH
*Mid Size Utility Special Services Law Enforcement Vehicle IFB-3620-13-SH
*Mid Size Sedans IFB-3611-13-SH
*Large 4-Door 4x4 Sport Utility Police SSV IFB-3605-13-SH
*UTV RFQ-3553-13-SH
*Ford Explorer RFQ-3591-13-SH
*Trailer Vacuum Leaf Machine IFB-3601-13-NJ


Utility Tracking Software RFI-3754-13-NJ
2014 Official Visitor Guide RFP-3756-13-SH
Generators for Radio Tower Sites IFB-3755-13-DH
Document Destruction Services for Mesa County RFP-3741-13-NJ
Mesa County Workforce Center Furnishings IFB-3745-13-NJ
Employee Life AD&D and Disability Insurance RFP-3733-13-NJ
Pavement Management Data Collection RFP-3726-13-NJ
Mesa County Workforce Center A/V Equipment IFB-3695-13-NJ
2013 Piping and Materials Inventory Replenishment for Mesa County IFB-3721-13-DH
Inmate Phone System for Mesa County RFP-3720-13-SH
Full Body Security Scanner RFP-3712-13-NJ
Hazardous Waste Collection Contractor RFP-3711-13-NJ
Temporary Employment Services for Mesa County SOQ-3705-13-NJ
Hazardous Waste Containers IFB-3703-13-NJ
Mesa County Ballot Packets RFP-3686-13-SH
Leach Creek Tree & Brush Removal IFB-3688-13-DH
2013 Load & Haul Residual Radioactive Material (RRM) IFB-3689-13-SDH
Gravel Products for Mesa County IFB-3682-13-NJ
Liquid Bituminous Asphalt for Mesa County IFB-3680-13-NJ
*Event and Venue Ticketing Software - RFI-3624-13-NJ
*Hot Mix Asphalt for Mesa County - IFB-3661-13-SH
*Class 2 Reinforced Concrete Pipe - IFB-3655-13-NJ    
Rodeo Arena Equipment RFP-3646-13-NJ
*Mesa County HP Wide Format Printers - IFB-3639-13-NJ
*Firing Range Lead Remediation - RFP-3572-13-SH
Fire Uniforms and Work Clothing - RFP-3606-13-NJ
*Metal Dumpsters - RFQ-3598-13-SH
*Storage Trailers for the MC Road and Bridge Department - IFB-3599-13-DH
Fertilizers for Parks and Recreation Department - IFB-3737-13-DH
Mastic Material and Machine Rental for Streets Division RFQ-3744-13-DH