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Trash & Recycling Service Selection Form

  1. City Trash & Dual Stream Recycling Program

    Welcome to the City's Dual Stream Recycling Program! Complete this form to make residential service selections regarding the size of City-provided trash bins and to request recycling and/or seasonal yard waste bins. 

  2. Trash Selection

    Please check one to select the size of your trash bin:

  3. Recycling Bins (Two 64-gallon bins)

    Do you want to participate in Dual Stream Recycling Services with the City of Grand Junction? If yes, your household will receive two 64-gallon bins.

  4. Yard Waste Bin Service (96-gallon bin)

    Do you wish to participate in seasonal yard waste collection with the City of Grand Junction? If yes, a 96-gallon bin will be delivered and picked up weekly from April - October with trash.

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