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Application for ADU Production Program


  1. 1. General Application
  2. 2. For Additional Incentive Applicants Only
  • General Application

    1. The ADU Production Program is designed to respond to a generalized shortage of affordable housing in Grand Junction by incentivizing and supporting the construction of ADUs. Full ADU Production Program details, commitments, and restrictions can be found here.  Please allow up to 10 business days for application review. 

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    2. Terms and Incentives Graphic
    3. I'm applying for:*
    4. Developers/Homeowners will only be considered for participation in the ADU Production Program for any NEW or current planning clearances still under review on or after April 16, 2023. 

    5. Write "N/A" if the property owner mailing address is the same as the property address written above.

    6. Fee Payment Acknowledgement:

      Upon conditional approval of the Fee Payment, an additional agreement must be completed to finalize the approval. Please check all the boxes below to acknowledge the terms.