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  • Registration Information

    1. You must complete this form in full, whether you are updating a current listing or registering a new artist, performer, or writer listing for the website. If you are already on the site, this new registration will replace your current listing.
    2. To register a business or organization, please contact the Commission with the information or updates.
    3. You may include an avatar - an image of your artwork, or yourself, or your logo. This image should be square. Then after you click "Continue", you will be prompted to upload one to six images of your work on the following page. File types accepted include JPG, GIF, and PNG. File names must only contain numbers and letters, no special characters, spaces, or quotation marks. It's recommended that file size not exceed 3 megabytes (MB).
    4. Your listing will show up on the site within the next several days, once it has been reviewed and activated.
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      For each slot below, select any Discipline. Optionally, select any number of Media and enter Specialties (one per line). Control+click (PC) or Command+click (Mac) to select multiples.
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