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City Hall Auditorium and Assembly Areas Reservation Form

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  2. City Hall Auditorium and Assembly Areas Reservation Form
  3. Please select which area(s) you are wanting to reserve*
  4. City Hall Aerial image showing the outdoor areas available for reservation
  5. Is the meeting open to the public?
  6. Agreement

    I agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules, regulations, and ordinances, and be responsible for the safe and responsible use of City facilities, understanding my obligation to pay any fees, and agree to assume responsibility for the facility that the organization/person named above uses. I also understand the City reserves the right to cancel a reservation or to use the assembly area(s) in the event the Applicant is credibly alleged to have breached the terms of use.

  7. I have read and reviewed the Use of City Hall Auditorium and Designated Outdoor Assemnbly Area document
  8. With my signature I represent that I agree to the terms of use and that if I am signing on behalf of an entity that I have authority to bind the entity.
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