What is Shared Micromobility?

Shared micromobility refers to a system of docked and/or dockless vehicles that are part of a shared fleet and that are available to the community for short-term rental. 

Bird and Lime each have an app which can be easily downloaded from Apple or Google Play app stores.  After creating an account and being introduced to Local Riding Guidelines, you can locate and rent a scooter for your personal use. If you are finishing your ride within a Dedicated Parking Zone (e.g., Downtown, Lincoln Park, CMU, or Riverfront), please ensure you find a designated parking corral.  Payments are typically processed through the app as well, but cash payment options are also available.

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1. What is micromobility?
2. What is Shared Micromobility?
3. What is the purpose of the shared micromobility study?
4. Who are the Shard Micromobility Operators?
5. Who do I contact if I have a problem?
6. What are the rules and speed limits?
7. Where can I park my e-scooter?
8. Where should I ride?