Can I include additional documents or photos with my online report?

Documents and photos can be attached to the online report under the “INCIDENT” tab. Simply click on the Attach/Detach Documents and Photographs link.

Attachments to online reports

The supported document types are [image/gif, image/jpeg, & image/pjpeg].

Please make sure the overall size of all the documents/photos is less than 20.0 MB.

If you have more than three (3) attachments, please make a note on the narrative page.

For Portable Document Format (PDF), Word Documents (DOCand DOCX), Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet files (XLS and XLSX), and any other file types that aren’t supported by the system, please send an email with the attachments to Please include the temporary reference number or the permanent case number in the subject line.

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9. Can I include additional documents or photos with my online report?
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