What other rules about cannabis are changed by these ballot questions?

Ballot questions 2A and 2B provide for the taxation of cannabis businesses and allow the City Council to promulgate regulations that would provide for cannabis business licensing. No other elements of the State or local rules for cannabis and cannabis businesses are changed. For example, the following State of Colorado laws remain in effect:

  • Public consumption of cannabis is prohibited. 
  • Marijuana cannot be consumed in a vehicle and cannot be transported in an open container. Driving under the influence of cannabis can result in a DUI.
  • An individual may cultivate no more than six (6) cannabis plants in their home.
  • An individual may possess no more than one (1) ounce of cannabis.
  • Employers and property owners may continue to restrict cannabis use by their employees and on their properties.
  • No change to maximum possession amount of one (1) ounce or an equivalent amount of THC.
  • Interstate transportation of cannabis products remains illegal under State and Federal law.

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5. What other rules about cannabis are changed by these ballot questions?
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