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Avalon Theatre Foundation
Avalon Theatre Foundation
P.O. Box 2243
Grand Junction, CO 81502
Phone: 970-778-3088

Link: Avalon Theatre Foundation Website
Colorado Land Advisor
Jeffery Fleming
300 Main Street
Suite 302
Grand Junction, CO 81501
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Phone: 970-812-3288

Link: Colorado Land Advisor Website
An Urban Planner that creates great places to live, work, and play in Western Colorado.
Craig and Ruth Renwick
Renwick Handmade Tiles
Grand Junction, CO 81505
Phone: 970-449-7152

Craig and Ruth Renwick have been handcrafting tiles for kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, fireplaces, and more for over 14 years. With a passion for art and pottery, Craig worked under renowned artist and potter, Gillian Bickell for 14 years to develop and fine-tune his skills. Through a series of commissioned jobs and a bit of serendipity, Craig eventually found a niche market for designing and manufacturing custom tiles and founded Renwick Handcrafted Tiles. Craig’s ability to create colors and color matches, plus the allure of an artisanal handcrafted product along with exceptional customer service sets Renwick Tile apart from the rest.
Dave Long
Dave Long
3034 E 1/2 Road
Grand Junction, CO 81504
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Phone: 970-434-6823
Fax: 970-433-2230
Josh Bourassa
Bourassa Designs
317 Country Club Park Rd
Grand Junction, CO 81507
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Phone: 303-241-5287

Link: Josh Bourassa Website
Professional Muralist. Extremely detailed, photorealistic, creative design and expedient execution of interior and exterior murals. 25 years experience designing and creating art for clients around the world. Professional client interaction and job execution. I am a designer first and foremost focused on working closely with my clients to create a unique piece of art that represents the desired outcome. With over 25 years of art application starting with airbrush on motorcycle to high end spray equipment on HUGE walls. I have all the necessary technical application experience to guaranty the longevity of my mural work. Once an agreement of design and budget is reached I handle everything from start to finish. The high level of craftsmanship that I offer in combination with the ability to apply the art in short period of time is almost impossible to match. And I love creating art with my clients.
1 - 5 of 5 Listings