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Bob Tallarico
Robert Tallarico
2025 W Liberty Court
Grand Junction, CO 81507
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Phone: 970-242-3718

Link: Bob Tallarico Website
Robert A. Tallarico, Bob, is a retired registered professional structural engineer. Throughout his career and primarily as a principal in his Consulting Engineering Firm, he has designed many building structures and bridges in the Denver area and Rocky Mountain Region. Bob's interest in art began in high school as a member of the school art staff which produced a school newspaper, posters, and backdrops for school plays. An early effort at employment at age 16 was thwarted when he applied at a commercial art studio but was too young for professional employment. Math and science soon dominated his interests and led to a career in engineering after serving in the Marine Corps in Korea. Now retired he is once again able to pursue his interest in art as well as writing. He has two published pieces titled 'A Musing' Life's Big Little Stories, and 'Oh My God' from Science to Believer via Science and Theology.
Mesa County Spellbinders
Lois Becker, President
2115 Grand Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501
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Phone: 970-314-0114

Mesa County Spellbinders recruits and trains volunteer storytellers to tell stories in the schools.
1 - 2 of 2 Listings