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Grand Valley Blacksmith Guild
Kent Baughman, President
2662 Cambridge Road
Grand Junction, CO 81506
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Phone: 970-216-6669

A membership organization, the Grand Valley Blacksmith Guild promotes and teaches the art of blacksmithing and functional metalwork through monthly meetings, classes, demonstrations, and group events.
Kristian Hartter
Serendipitous, LLC
551 Gunnison Avenue
Grand Junction, CO 81501
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Phone: 970-216-7338

Born and raised in Colorado and a resident of the Grand Valley for 10 years, I have been an artist for better than 20 years. I have always enjoyed making my dreams and imaginings into real, tangible items and working with others to help them realize their needs and desires. My work varies from the useful to the whimsical and I like to mix media to create the effects I am after.
Lee's Forgery
Lee Gagne
Lee's Forgery
P.O. Box 44
Grand Junction, CO 81502
Phone: 970-243-5016

1 - 3 of 3 Listings