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Ashley Little
Ashley Little Art
898 25 Rd
Grand Junction, CO 81505
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Phone: 719-369-0423

Link: Ashley Little Art Website
Ashley’s painting style is best described as a blend of Expressionism and Impressionism. Her vibrant colors draw you into her work conveying a mood, a feeling. Her thick strong paint strokes ask you to participate in finding forms, light and shadow in her paintings. Her interest in exploring and pushing boundaries brings her work into the abstract and surreal at times. Her use of alternative painting tools creates texture and interest asking the viewer to take in depth and variation in carefully placed strokes. Ashley's glasswork designs draw inspiration from nature and her studies in Biology, including DNA spirals in her earrings and beautifully crafted Orchid sculptures. Take a journey into her paintings and glass designs. Take a stroll through the meadow, a break under a shady tree, a nap in the grass, a swim in the lake. Ashley’s work encourages you to connect with your own memories and emotions of natural beauty and wilderness and create your own experience of them.
Colorado West Art Glass
Al Davidson
Colorado West Art Glass
5335 Grand Mesa View Drive
Whitewater, CO 81527
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Phone: 970-263-8408
Fax: 970-640-9399

Debby Locke's Glass Art
Debby Locke
1940 Ten Rd
Mack, CO 81525
Phone: 970-261-4079

My art is fine art glass on glass, mosaic portraiture, and wildflowers. I enjoy the textures of broken china and the luminosity of glass. In life, as well as mosaics, even the sharpest bits can be made beautiful. Art is created from locally sourced cast offs in hopes to help lessen our environmental impact.
Don Meyers
Don Meyers
1048 Main Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
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Phone: 970-242-0426
Fax: 970-260-3487

Karen Kiefer
Rainbow Artistry
2552 I-70 Frontage Road
Grand Junction, CO 81505
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Phone: 970-243-8908
Fax: 970-216-9263

Since 1983 Karen has been designing and fabricating stained glass for area churches, and homes throughout the United States. She has been designated as one of top artists in the western slope area by the GJ Chamber of Commerce and the Western Colorado Center for the Arts. Karen's glass creations have been awarded ''perfect'' scores and included as some of the ''Best Glass in the West'' at the Denver Botanical Gardens. Awards have also included ''Associate of the Year'' by the Home Builders Association of Northwestern Colorado, ''Best of Show'' at the Home Expos, and named an ''Outstanding Woman of Grand Junction.'' Karen served for several years on the Grand Junction Commission of Arts and Culture and the Colorado Arts Consortium.
Kevin L. Kiefer
Rainbow Artistry
2552 I-70 Frontage Rd
Grand Junction, CO 81505
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Phone: 970-209-2761
Robert Neely
Stained Glass Works & Sandcarving Studio
1821 N 19th Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501
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Phone: 970-243-0362

Link: Stained Glass Works & Sandcarving Studio Website
Russ Merriett
gypsy gems
Fruita, CO 81521
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Phone: 970-589-7926

Sandra Lockwood
Lockwood Stained Glass Studio
705 Independence Valley Drive
Grand Junction, CO 81507
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Phone: 970-216-3947

Lockwood Stained Glass studio is independently owned and operated by Sandi Lockwood. Her custom designs have been featured in two Parada of Homes in Colorado and Michigan. Her most current designs are featured at The Blue Pig Gallery. Stained Glass classes are offered on an individual basis at an entry level or more advanced level. Lockwood does home consultations and develops custom designs with clientele. Stained glass panels are constructed by lead came (putty) or by the copper foil technique dependent on window size and design desired.
Thaden Mosaics
Kathy Thaden
14397 59 1/2 Road
Collbran, CO 81624
Phone: (303)877-9595

Link: Thaden Mosaics Website
Kathy Thaden’s award winning mosaics have been exhibited across North America. Inspired by "our fragile earth," she links her art to her faith – with awe for Creation. Kathy's mosaics range from abstracts to liturgical wall hangings and commissioned works. Seeking something more tactile, Kathy came to modern mosaics following a 25-year career in broadcast design. As TV art director, animator, and graphic designer she won numerous honors for design, including seven Emmy Awards. A full-time studio artist working in Colorado, Kathy is a professional member of the Society of American Mosaic Artists, Christians in the Visual Arts, Episcopal Church & Visual Arts, and founding member and Past-President of Colorado Mosaic Artists. Kathy teaches mosaic workshops and leads mosaic retreats across Colorado and the Southwest.
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