City Street Improvement Projects

North Avenue Projects

Although located within city limits, North Avenue is a State highway and is under the purview of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT). Infrastructure, such as water and sewer lines that are located within North Avenue, are the responsibility of the City.

North Avenue Sewer Improvement Project

The project will perform spot repairs to the sanitary sewer pipe, replace four manholes, and replace aging brick riser rings in 58 manholes in North Avenue between 1st Street and 30 Road. This work is being done now in anticipation of the Colorado Department of Transportation's April 2022 Overlay of North Avenue. The majority of the work will be done at night to minimize traffic impacts. The project is expected to be complete by January 22, 2022. 

For updates on how the project will affect traffic, refer to the Projects Affecting Traffic Reports each Friday.

Contact Public Works at or 970-256-4082 with questions.

Colorado Department of Transportation US 6 North Avenue Improvements

In addition to the sewer improvement project initiated by the City of Grand Junction, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is in the design phase of the North Avenue Improvement Project that will impact the curb-to-curb design of the roadway. This project will include resurfacing the road and installing new medians to control access, improve safety, and improve traffic flow. CDOT is also in the design process to eventually upgrade the traffic signals on North Avenue with more reliable and modern signal equipment. More information can be found on CDOT's US 6 North Avenue project website.

North Avenue Enhanced Transit Corridor Study

The Regional Transportation Planning Office (RTPO) and the City of Grand Junction are leading an Enhanced Transit Corridor Study on North Avenue from 1st Street to the I-70 Business Loop. This project will define a vision for the corridor and identify a set of prioritized street infrastructure projects to make the corridor more comfortable for people biking, walking, and taking transit. More information can be found on the North Avenue Enhanced Transit Corridor Study project website.

5th and Main Street Breezeway 

As part of the reconstruction of the failed roof structure over 519 (519 through 527) Main Street, the contractor will need to shut down the breezeway between 527 and 533 Main Street. The work is anticipated to begin on January 10, however, the closure of the breezeway will not be until later in the week. All of the work is anticipated to take approximately three weeks. Contact Public Works at or 970-256-4082 with any questions. 

I-70 B, 1st Street, and Grand Avenue Improvements

The Colorado Department of Transportation is currently working on the reconstruction and realignment of I-70 B where CO 340 intersects with First Street and Grand Avenue in Grand Junction. Milling, paving, new waterline, and storm drain will be installed. A pedestrian/bike path and ADA curb ramps are also included in the project scope. More information can be found on the I-70 B, 1st Street, and Grand Avenue project website.

2019 Ballot Initiative 2A / Transportation Capacity Upgrades

City Engineering staff are working on transportation capacity upgrade projects authorized by voters in November of 2019. 

  • The first phase of the reconstruction of the intersection of 24 and G Road is under construction with the relocation of utilities and the reconstruction of the bridge over North Leach Creek. Phase II will widen the 24 Road corridor from Patterson to I-70 to five lanes and G Road from 23 1/2 to 24 1/2 Road will be widened to three lanes. Both corridors will include provisions for sidewalks, landscaping, street lights, and bike lanes. Phase II will begin construction in early 2022. More information can be found on the G Road Bridge Replacement webpage.
  • 24 Road Trail will be extended between its current terminus just north of the Subaru dealership north approximately 3/8 of a mile and connect to Canyon View Park. The project is slated for construction in 2022 and is being funded in part by CDOT's Multi-Modal Options Fund (MMOF).
  • F 1/2 Road Parkway is currently under design nearing 30% at which point right-of-way negotiations can begin. This project will construct a five-lane arterial road between 24 Road to the intersection of 25 Road and Patterson Road. The project is slated to be constructed in late 2022 through 2023.
  • Horizon at G Road and 27 1/2 Road Intersection Improvements is nearing 30% design. Due to the safety improvements proposed, CDOT did award the City $1.5 million of Highway Safety Improvement Funds. This project is slated for 2022 construction. 

View a full list of 2022 Adopted Capital Budget Projects (PDF). For more information, contact Public Works at or 970-256-4110.

Ballot Question 2B in April 2017

The approval of this ballot question is making it possible for the City of Grand Junction to use the excess Taxpayers' Bill of Rights (TABOR) funds in the Riverside Parkway savings account to augment what is currently being spent on street maintenance projects and neighborhood pavement preservation for five years.

Street maintenance is extremely important but expensive. Our current roadway system is a $266 million asset. The City has been modestly funding street maintenance for a few years due to budget limitations, but it has not been enough and we have fallen behind. The overall average pavement condition index (PCI) of the Grand Junction streets system, which has steadily declined over the last twelve years, is currently at a score of 69. This is down from 78 in 2004. The desire is to reverse this trend.

2021 Contract Street Maintenance

View a map of the 2021 Street Infrastructure Program (PDF). The streets selected for the 2021 Contract Street Maintenance Asphalt Overlays project are:

  • Crossroads Boulevard
  • 20 1/2 Road in the Redlands
  • 27 Road south of Highway 50 on Orchard Mesa
  • 27 Road from Horizon Drive to I-70
  • H Road from 26 Road to 26 1/2 Road

Neighborhood Pavement Preservation Program: More Details Coming Soon

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