Sales, Use, & Lodging Taxes

Attention Sales Tax Account Customers

In order to better serve our sales tax customers, we are launching a new software, Gentax, which will be available starting Monday, February 6, 2023. In order to begin our data conversion, access to our current portal will close on Wednesday, January 25 at 3 p.m.  We are communicating new Customer IDs and other pertinent information via email and regular mail in the coming week.

Please review the GenTax Introduction Letter (PDF) and GenTax FAQ (PDF) for more information.

Sales, Use & Lodging Taxes Overview

Sales and use taxes are the largest sources of operating revenues for the City of Grand Junction. The City currently has over 5,800 vendors who are licensed and collect the City's sales tax on their business transactions. A business is required to collect the City's sales tax when it sells retail tangible personal property inside City limits. Of the 5,400 licensed vendors in the City, a few are also required to collect lodging tax (6%) which is used solely by Visit Grand Junction to promote tourism in the City.

The City's sales tax rate is currently 3.25 percent. The combined tax rate is 8.52 percent and the breakdown is as follows:

  • City of Grand Junction Sales Tax = 3.25 percent
  • State of Colorado Sales Tax = 2.90 percent
  • Mesa County Sales Tax = 2.37 percent

Expiration of the License

The City of Grand Junction Sales and Use Tax License no longer has an expiration date. The license is valid until it is canceled and is issued with the requirement that all City laws will be followed. If a business is not in compliance with those laws, the license can be suspended or revoked. The City licenses its vendors separately from the State. The State of Colorado Department of Revenue office can be reached at 970-248-7135 and Mesa County Finance can be reached at 970-244-1675.

City Limits Search

Not sure if an address is located inside City limits? An online City limits search is available for your convenience. This is important to vendors who deliver goods because the sales tax for those transactions is determined by the delivery address. When the delivery address is located inside City limits, then sales tax is charged. If the delivery address is not located inside City limits, then sales tax is not charged.

Short-Term Rental Hosts

A permit is required to operate a short-term rental. Please contact the City's Community Development department for short-term rental permit regulations and pay for short-term rental taxes online.