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April 2023 Election Results

Click the button above to read the Certification of Election Results 2023 as of April 19, 2023.

Fully Executed Official 2023 Election Results

2023 Election Process

Initial Unofficial results of the election were posted at 7:30 p.m. Unofficial Final Election Results were posted Wednesday, April 5. 

Following the curing period of eight days, unofficial results will be posted at this location before canvassing by City Council.

Unofficial Results as of April 13, 2023, are to be canvassed by City Council at their regular meeting and made official on April 19, 2023

Per C.R.S. 31-10-910.3 the City has sent letters to voters that had an apparent signature discrepancy on their 2023 City election Self-Affirmation that appears on the outside of the official ballot envelope. According to the Municipal Election Code if the election judges, upon review of the voter’s signature in the Self Affirmation portion on the outside of the official ballot envelope, believe there is a discrepancy between that signature and the one on file for the voter with the state election office, the voter is sent a form by the City Clerk. On the form, the voter is asked to verify whether the voter did send in their signed ballot and asks for that validation by checking a yes box and signing their name and dating the form. 

The form then must be either dropped off in the City Clerk’s office or emailed. The City has sent out 107 letters for signature verification, which to have the ballots count, must be returned to the City Clerk’s office by in-person on Wednesday, April 12, 2023 no later than 5 p.m. or via email to cityclerk@gjcity.org by 11:50 p.m.

 A Self-Affirmation that was not signed, dated or had the elector's printed name will not receive a letter. 

Are you registered to vote? Check on the Colorado Secretary of State voter registration website.

Ballot Return information: 

The City Clerk receives reports each day regarding the number of ballots returned and will post those reports to this webpage by district. The City Clerk's office has limited access to data extraction compared to what is available to county and state election offices. In order to protect voter privacy, we are not releasing more specific information. This type of reporting will ensure transparency and accumulative returns. 

Reports list ballots received as follows:

  • Accepted-in process of being tabulated
  • Rejected-due to incomplete Self Affirmations (Printed name, Signature, Date)
  • Undeliverable-address on file with County Clerk was not updated when voter moved. Ballots were returned to the City Clerk's office. Many of these voters came to City Hall for a replacement ballots.
  • Pending-logged in for signature verification with what is on file with Secretary of State's office. Moves from here to Accepted or Rejected.

Candidate Information

Candidates for City Council must have resided in the City, or for a district seat in their district, for at least 12 months immediately preceding the election and be a registered voter of the City. 

  • For the full list of candidates in the 2023 Elections, click here.
  • The financial report for each candidate will appear on their candidate information pages.
  • To determine which Council Candidates represent the district in which you live, review the City Council Boundaries Map (PDF).
  • City elections and candidates are subject to the provisions of the Fair Campaign Practices Act. Additional information can be found on the Secretary of State's website

Issues Committee Financials

To view a sample ballot for the 2023 Elections, click here.

2023 Ballot Issues
A Notice of Election was prepared in accordance with Article X, Section 20 of the Colorado Constitution. It includes the title and text of ballot issues subject to the notice requirements of Article X, Section 20. To view the TABOR notice for the 2023 elections, click here.

If I didn't receive a ballot, can I still get one?
if you didn't receive a ballot and live within City limits, please call the City Clerk's office at 970-244-1509 to confirm your address. Once you have done that, you are welcome to stop by M-F between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. to pick up a ballot.

Where can I drop off my ballot?
There are five designated ballot drop box locations. All will be available beginning March 17, 2023, through Election Day, April 4, 2023. Ballots must be dropped off at the City Clerk's office or in a designated ballot box by 7 p.m. on April 4, 2023. Postmarks do not count as a received date. You must apply appropriate postage if returning ballot by mail. Ballot box locations

Remember to fill in all three spaces on the outside of the ballot with your name, your signature, and the date. If any of these remains blank YOUR BALLOT WILL NOT BE VALID. Instructions for completing your ballot. 

Are you planning to vote using an Absentee Ballot? An Absentee Ballot Application Form will need to be filled out. To receive an Absentee Ballot form, call 970-244-1509. Print and online applications must be received by the City Clerk's Office by the close of business on Friday, March 31, 2023.

If you have questions regarding City elections, contact the City Clerk's office at 970-244-1509 or email cityclerk@gjcity.org 

Election Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Candidate Election Information 

Past Election Information

Grand Junction Elections

Grand Junction was founded in 1882. In 1921 Grand Junction community members voted to employ the Council-Manager form of government, which became popular in the early part of the 20th century. This system combines the political leadership of elected officials with the managerial expertise of an appointed local government manager. The members of the City Council are elected by the citizens of Grand Junction to make policy decisions and laws, similar to a board of directors in a private company. 

The City's guiding document is the City Charter. The City Charter sets out the structure of the City government, including the powers and duties of the City Council and the City Manager, along with general guidelines for the operations of the City and the salaries of City Council (Section 38). The Charter, which can only be amended by the people in a municipal election, was first adopted on September 14, 1909.

The Grand Junction City Council is comprised of seven community members - five of whom are elected from and represent certain City districts - and two that are elected at-large. Regular municipal elections are held in April of odd years.