E-bike Programs

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E-bike to Work Ownership Program

Funded through the Colorado Energy Office’s “Community Access to Electric Bicycles Grant Program,” the Sustainability Division has been awarded $134,200 to create an ownership-based electric bicycle (e-bike) program for community members who live and/or work in either the Horizon Drive Business Improvement District (BID) or the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) boundary and earn at or below 80% area median income ($46,050 per year or less).

The grant funds the purchase of 40 e-bikes, helmets, locks, coordination with a local bicycle retailer, and the help of a team from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). 

The bike retailer, The Gear Junction, is supplying e-bikes, safety and security equipment, rider trainings, and basic maintenance over the program year. The NREL team developed and operates a trip-tracking application called OpenPATH, which collects detailed trip travel data without any attached personally identifying information (PII). This application will allow the City to collect useful transportation information to understand aspects of the program’s effectiveness while still protecting PII. This will include the effectiveness of e-bikes as a primary mode of transportation for program participants, the viability of e-bikes as a larger component of the City’s transportation landscape, and the e-bikes’ impact on greenhouse gas emissions by replacing other modes of travel. Access the public dashboard.

Colorado E-bike Rebate Program

The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) has launched a statewide e-bike purchasing rebate program. Income-qualified community members will be able to apply a rebate voucher at the point of purchase. CEO continues to offer new rounds of preapplications for this program. For updates, access the CEO website.

  • For those who earn less than 80% of area median income (AMI), a base rebate of $1,100 will be available. 
  • For those who earn less between 80% and 100% of AMI, a base rebate of $500 will be available.
  • Added incentives are available at both levels for the purchase of helmets and locks, as well as for cargo or adaptive options.