Strategy & Innovations

Strategic Framework Five Outcomes

The City of Grand Junction is a thriving economic and cultural hub of the Western Slope. To flourish in the future, the City needs to remain nimble, resilient and welcoming of new ideas. Through engagement with the community, the City recognizes the importance of being strategic and innovative. 

Strategic Plan

The Strategic Plan incorporates the priorities identified as most important by City Council and is developed every two years. The plan is developed with respect to the 2020 Comprehensive Plan and aligns work across projects and departments. The outcomes and objectives identified in the plan help guide the development of the annual budget.

This year, the first step in the process was development of a shared vision which was stated as “Grand Junction is a safe, welcoming, healthy and accessible city that builds on its collective character to be a place where opportunity abounds, resources are well-managed, and people are connected and engaged in their community.” In order to work toward attaining that vision, council created five strategic outcomes that will provide staff with a roadmap to begin crafting specific initiatives, some of which will include funding in the budget for 2024. 

 Council’s Strategic Outcomes translate their vision into action that will guide the organization and its work while aligning resources to support those efforts. Over the next two years, the outcomes identified in the Strategic Plan will point the way toward maintaining and improving the qualities that make Grand Junction such an amazing city. This collaborative effort that is led by the City Council’s vision and leadership, reflects the contribution of staff, and is influenced by feedback received from the community during the comprehensive planning process.

On July 19, 2023, City Council unanimously adopted the City of Grand Junction Strategic Plan. The document will serve as a guide for the City Council and City staff over the course of the next two years. Read more about the plan.


The City welcomes innovation and regularly seeks creative and innovative solutions to challenges the community faces.