Riverfront at Dos Rios Park

The Riverfront at Dos Rios is a 58-acre mixed-use development in the heart of the City of Grand Junction. The project consists of 15.8 acres of parks and open space, 9.5 acres for light industrial/commercial, and 10.2 acres for mixed-use development. With unparalleled access to the river, trail systems, green space and downtown the City envisions this area as a vibrant neighborhood serving as a home, workplace, and play place for artisans, entrepreneurs, and innovators.Aerial View of Riverfront at Dos Rios

Dos Rios Bike Playground

The Dos Rios Bike Dos Rios Bike PlaygroundPlayground, located at 2595 Riverside Parkway, off of Riverside Parkway, just East of Hale Avenue is designed to be accessible to a wide variety of riders, from small children on strider bikes to kids of all ages, to adults looking to build their skills and confidence. The park includes four routes for one rated for beginners, one for beginners/intermediate, and two for intermediate. The concept is to help build biking skills that people of all ages can use to further their passion for biking, be it road biking and commuting, BMX, or mountain biking at the nearby Lunch Loop Trail System.