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The Student Travel Maps are based on a combination of a one and two mile radius of the target school and the school attendance boundary. The map shows the target school. The streets are highlighted to show the most favored to the least favored routes. The map does not indicate a specific route for your child to walk or bicycle to school. It is suggested that the parent or legal guardian of the student decide the most appropriate route for their child. There are instances where your child may still be transported within the shown walk boundary. To confirm if your child is eligible for school transportation you may go to Mesa County Valley School District’s web site at select the “Parents tab”, then the Bus/Transport icon or contact Student Transportation of America at 970-697-1050. If your students school is not listed, they did not participate in the Safe Routes to School Program. The streets may still have designations. You can click on the Transportation Map. On the GIS Transportation Map, you can select School Walk Routes on the map legend and zoom into any area to get a closer look at the route designations. To see the Safe Routes to School Reports you may go the Mesa County Regional Transportation Planning Office web page   

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Mt. Garfield Middle Broadway Bookcliff Middle
Chipeta Clifton Dos Rios
Grand Mesa Middle Lincoln OM Mesa View
Nisley OM Middle Pear Park
Redlands Middle Rimrock Fruita Middle
Scenic East Middle Taylor