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Neighborhood Block Party Trailer

Due to COVID-19, the City of Grand Junction is currently not renting out the Neighborhood Block Party Trailer. To join a list to be notified when reservations begin again, please contact Isabella Vaz at

The Block Party Trailer is free for Grand Junction residents and makes your block party easy – all you have to do is reserve the trailer, add some of our great weather, food, drinks and neighbors and you are ready to go!

The Block Party Trailer includes the following:

  • Toys & Activities Accessories
    2 Cornhole game sets 8 six-foot tables
    Ladder ball game 28 folding chairs
    Giant Jenga game 2 water coolers
    Giant Connect-4 game 3 tubs for ice/drinks
    Hula hoops 2 dog bowls
    Nerf football 1 recycle container
    Jump Ropes 1 waste container
    Frisbees 1 fire extinguisher & first aid kit
    Playground ball 3 barricades
    Bocce Ball set Kickball, Pump & Bases
    Spikeball set  


Reservations: To determine availability, please check the Block Party Trailer availability calendar and then submit your Block Party Trailer Application with your desired date. Alternatively, you can email to check availability. 

Permits: Please complete the Block Party Trailer Application to use the Trailer, and the Street Closure Application if you will be closing your street for the block party or impacting a public right of way.

Delivery: A City staff member will drop off and pick up the Block Party Trailer, and we ask that you find a location that makes it easy to maneuver it. Be sure that the trailer is in a location that it can stay for the duration for the weekend. We will drop off the Block Party Trailer on Friday and pick up on Monday. 

Be Sure to Find the Right Space: The Block Party Trailer is 7 feet wide, 14 feet long and 7 feet 6 inches tall. The front or tongue side of the Block Party Trailer also needs to be clear for delivery and pick-up for the truck that will be towing. PLEASE MAKE SURE NO VEHICLES OR OTHER OBSTURCTIONS ARE BLOCKING IT when ready to be picked up. The Block Party Trailer cannot be parked in alleyways.

Neighborhood Block Party Trailer FAQs

Who is eligible to use the block party trailer?
The City of Grand Junction Neighborhood Block Party trailer can only be used within the city limits. To find out if your neighborhood is in city limits call the Community Development Department at 970-244-1430.

Am I able to close the street for my neighborhood block party?
You will need to submit a Street Closure Permit at least three weeks in advance of your party date. Please submit this application in addition to the Block Party Trailer application. We include everything you will need for street closure in the trailer, such as required traffic signs and cones. 

Can I use the Block Party Trailer on private property such as parked in a private residence driveway, Homeowners Association common area or apartment parking lot with no impact to public right-of-way or other space utilized by the public?
Yes, the Trailer may be placed in these areas as long as it is easily accessible to be towed in and out.Submit a Block Party Trailer Permit application at least 3 weeks in advance of your event date.

I want to use the Block Party Trailer in public right-of-way to enhance a party in a neighborhood where a block of the street will be closed, how do I do this?
Submit a Street Closure Permit application and a Block Party Trailer Permit application must be submitted and approved. Submit all items at least 3 weeks in advance of your event date. 

I want to use the Block Party Trailer at or near a public park, how do I apply?
The City of Grand Junction Parks and Recreation Department has a separate permitting process for use of areas or shelters within our numerous park. Please contact Parks and Recreation at 970-254-3866 or visit their office at 1240 Gunnison Avenue (in Lincoln Park) to apply for park and/or shelter use. Make sure to note in your application that you will be requesting use of the Block Party Trailer.   

Requirement: Include the approved parks permit and a letter from the event organizer indicating that a parks permit has been approved with a full description of how your event will be isolated from the general public and not impact other areas of the park as an attachment to the Block Party Trailer Permit. Submit at least 3 weeks in advance of your event date. 

Questions?  Contact Community Development
970-244-1430 or