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    Weekly Public Works Projects List 

    Projects for the week beginning April 14, 2014

    22 Road at US 6 Realignment  AND  I-70 Exit 26 Diverging Diamond Interchange
    Updated April 9, 2013


    Both the City of Grand Junction and the Colorado Department of Transportation will begin major improvements along US 6 at 22 Road and Exit 26 on Interstate 70 in the spring and summer of 2013. The City and CDOT are working together to improve traffic flow and safety, and to lay the groundwork for current and future growth and development in that area as outlined in the Comprehensive Plan.


    Learn more about 22 Road Realignment Project

    I-70/Exit 26 DDI-22 Road Map 

    Overall Exhibit 22 Road at US 6 Realignment Project 


    CDOT Diverging Diamond Interchange Project


    You Tube Video on "Driving a Diverging Diamond Interchange


    2013 Sewer Line Replacement  

    Updated July 1, 2013

    Sorter Construction is the contractor for the sewer line replacement project at various locations within the Persigo 201 boundary.  This annual program replaces aging sewer lines that have surpassed their design life.  In all, a total of 12,070 lineal feet of sewer main line will be replaced as part of this project.  

    The existing concrete and vitrified clay pipe sewer lines have met or exceeded their design service life and will be replaced with Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe.  In addition, sanitary sewer manholes damaged by hydrogen sulfide gases will be replaced.    The sanitary sewer service lines will also be replaced within the street
    right or way.   Replacement of sewer lines along N 1st Street, 23rd Street, Elm Ave and 24th Street are in conjunction with the 2013 Overlay project. Work on the project started on June 25 with project completion in late fall.  Contractor Sorter Construction started June 25 at 1st Street and Lorey Drive.  Project will continue north on 1st Street to Patterson Road north bound traffic closed at Walnut north bound traffic will need to detour onto Orchard Avenue and use 7th Street.



    North Avenue Streetscape Project 

    Updated December 13, 2013

    The City received notification from Senators Michael Bennet and Mark Udall that a Federal grant application for nearly $1.2 million from the Federal Transportation, Community, and System Preservation (TCSP) Program to fund improvements along North Avenue has been approved.  The City's in-kind contribution to the grant will include the design of the street scape for the entire corridor from First Street to 29 Road.  The $1.19 million grant will cover construction of the first phase of improvements from 12th Street to 23rd Street.  The improvements will be aimed at making North Avenue into a more “Complete Street”, which is a street that is safe, accessible, and inviting for not just motorists, but also pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit users.  Proposed improvements include wider, detached sidewalks, bus turnouts, pedestrian crosswalks, improved street and pedestrian lighting, and landscaping for aesthetic improvements along the corridor. 

    Conceptual design for the 12th to 23rd Street section began in 2013.  An Open House was held at the Stocker Stadium Hospitality Suite at Lincoln Park on October 30, 2013 to introduce the project and begin coordination with North Avenue businesses and other users of the corridor.  The Design Phase will continue into the spring of 2014 and will include input from property and business owners and the public.  As part of the grant process, a number of reviews and clearances must be completed prior to construction and these are scheduled to take place during the summer of 2014.  Construction is scheduled to begin in October of 2014, with completion prior to the JUCO tournament in May of 2015.

    The Design Phase for the sections from 1st to 12th Street, and 23rd Street to 29 Road, will begin in the summer of 2014 and be completed by early 2015.  Construction for these sections is not currently budgeted or scheduled.  However, with an approved final design in place, smaller sections of the corridor could be completed over time while maintaining uniformity with the corridor.  

    North Avenue formed the northern boundary of the original square mile of Grand Junction, established over 100 years ago, and later became a part of U. S. Highway 6 through the Valley and started developing as a major commercial corridor.  The first shopping center development, outside of downtown Grand Junction, occurred on North Avenue and the corridor continued to develop as an important commercial and service center for the community until the 1980s when a significant amount of new commercial development started occurring at the west-end of the community.  The corridor has continued to decline in the last 25 years, with aging infrastructure, a vacancy rate of over 11% which is nearly twice the rate of the City overall, and an outdated commercial building stock.

    Mayor Bill Pitts states, "We feel very fortunate to have been awarded this grant.  This is a project the community and City Council have been talking about, but we were not certain how we could fund.  We are hopeful that the completion of this first phase will spur private investment and be a jump-start for the North Avenue Business group that has formed and that the improvements can go well beyond this section in the future."

    North Avenue Streetscape Location Map

    Roadway Plans from 12th to 23rd Streets

    Roadway Plans Concept Views from 12th Street to Ispwich Inn


    Learn more at http://www.gjcity.org/NorthAvenueCorridorOverlayZoneDistrict.aspx   


    Avalon Theatre Renovation and Addition
    Updated July 1, 2013


    The City of Grand Junction has hired FCI Constructors of Grand Junction to complete the renovations to the existing auditorium space and construct the "shell" of the addition that will eventually have a 100 seat theatre space, additional restrooms and concessions on both the orchestra (main) and mezzanine level of the theater as well as an elevator for ADA accessibility.   Construction has started and should be completed by summer of 2014.


    Leach Creek Detention Facility 

    Updated May 8, 2013


    GRAND JUNCTION, CO May 6, 2013—The Colorado Army National Guard, 947th Engineer Company, in partnership with the City of Grand Junction and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) will complete construction of a stormwater detention facility on BLM property on Leach Creek, starting May 17 through June 16. 


    The facility will capture water from storm events and retain it in the desert north of the city, releasing it slowly back into the environment to prevent flooding that can occur with large storm events.


    The work provides the Colorado Army National Guard an opportunity to conduct critical individual and collective training for soldiers through the Innovative Readiness Training (IRT) program. The Guard is donating labor and equipment to this project.


    “We are fortunate to be able to utilize the help of the Colorado National Guard in building this facility,” said Bret Guillory, City Utility Engineer. “It allows the City to save construction costs, provides meaningful training to the National Guard, and is a critical piece in addressing stormwater flooding issues in Grand Junction.”


    An Environmental Assessment of the project was completed last year with a Finding of No Significant Impact and right-of-way grant has been issued by the BLM for construction of the project on Federal land.


    The stormwater detention facility is located on the main stem of Leach Creek, north of the city and west of the Grand Junction Regional Airport.  Work on the project was started in August of 2012, but the size of the project necessitated the work going into this construction season. 


    The facility will include an earthen embankment 27 feet in height measured from the bed of Leach Creek and will include an outlet and spillway. The capacity of the detention basin is approximately 250 acre feet. 


    This is a 5-2-1 Drainage Authority stormwater management project.  
    For more 5-2-1 Drainage Authority information.