Public Works

Trent Prall, Public Works Director  

City Street Improvement Projects

Thank you to the voters of Grand Junction for passing ballot question 2B in April 2017! 
The approval of this ballot question is making it possible for the City of Grand Junction to use the excess TABOR (Taxpayers' Bill of Rights) funds in the Riverside Parkway savings account to augment what is currently being spent on street maintenance projects and neighborhood pavement preservation for five years. 

Street maintenance is extremely important, but expensive. Our current roadway system is a $266 million asset. The City has been modestly funding street maintenance for a few years due to budget limitations, but it has not been enough and we have fallen behind. 

The overall average PCI (pavement condition index) of the Grand Junction streets system, which has steadily declined over the last twelve years, is currently at a score of 69. This is down from 78 in 2004. The desire is to reverse this trend.

Good streets are good for all of us who live here, and also good for our economy.  

Here are the asphalt overlay projects that have been approved for 2018 and will be completed with the funds that were approved by voters as well as Capital Improvement sales tax funds. These projects, totaling $2,434,381, will be completed by Elam Construction of Grand Junction. This contract will overlay 14 roads totaling 20.4 lane miles, including the addition of 6.1 bike lane miles:

    1. River Road - 24 Road to west property line of Persigo Wastewater Treatment Plant  
    2. Horizon Drive - G Road to west entrance at Quality Inn  
    3. 10th Street – Winters Avenue to D Road  
    4. Winters Avenue – 10th Street to 15th Street  
    5. 3rd Avenue – 9th Street to east end of pavement  
    6. 4th Avenue – 9th Street to 10th Street  
    7. Winters Avenue – 7th Street to 9th Street  
    8. 7th Street – Riverside Parkway to Ute Avenue  
    9. W. Main Street – Chuluota Avenue to west end of pavement  
    10. 24 ¾ Road – I-70B to Independent Avenue  - approximately 300 square yards will be reconstructed with 8-inch concrete pavement due to adjacent land uses
    11. Independent Avenue – 24 ¾ Road to Bogart Lane  
    12. Base Rock Street – American Way to Rim Rock Avenue  
    13. Rim Rock Avenue – Base Rock Street to I-70B  
    14. Bogart Lane – Independent Avenue to Rim Rock Avenue  

Work began early May and will be completed by late August.  

Horizon Drive from G Road to I-70 - Sewer and Water Line Replacement, Overlay, Pedestrian Improvements: Slated for mid-June into September

Work will be completed in phases and is expected to wrap up in September. 


7th Street Reconstruction - North Avenue to Orchard:  Slated for early June through mid-September

A contract for $1,410,759.05 was awarded to MA Concrete Construction, Inc. at the May 16, 2018 City Council meeting. 

City Chip Seal Program:  Slated for mid-June to mid-August

City crews will chip seal Maintenance Area 8 which is the area south of Grand Avenue between 1st Street and 28 Road and north of the Colorado River. 

Neighborhood Pavement Preservation Program:  Slated for early June to late June

contract with Andale Construction, Inc. of Wichita, KS for the 2018 Contract Street Maintenance - High Density Mineral Bond Project in the amount of $368,422.51 was awarded at the May 16, 2018 City Council meeting. Only one company bid on this project.

This material encapsulates the street in a thick layer of asphalt material that provides a tight surface to help keep moisture out and help extend the life of the asphalt.

17.2 lane miles of residential streets at the following locations were treated: 

Copper Creek
Heritage Heights
Spanish Trails
Hall Estates Phase II
Milena Way Area
New Orchard Court Area
Swan Meadows Drive Area
River Run
Riverview Estates
Unaweep Heights

To remain abreast of locations of street projects on a weekly basis, subscribe to our news blog to receive notifications direct to your email address. Also, if you encounter roadway damage, please let us know by submitting a Fix It request.

Check back often for more information on upcoming TABOR excess funds street maintenance projects, and again, we thank the voters for giving us this opportunity to improve upon the City's infrastructure.