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City of Grand Junction facilities are temporarily closed to the public.  We offer a robust level of service that can be completed remotely.  Please click here for a list of contact options specific to your needs.  We'll be happy to help you.

Our Vision

The City of Grand Junction's Finance Department is a well managed team comprised of highly motivated, skilled members providing personalized, responsive service that exceeds customers' expectations.

Our Purpose

The service and support the Finance Department provides to other City departments and employees enables them to deliver the best quality service to the public.

For the citizens of Grand Junction and the community, we strive to provide information assistance, which is responsive to their needs and utilizes City resources in the most efficient manner.

Our support services include financial and personnel resource management, as well as technical support in accounting, procurement, systems automation and information retrieval.

City Council Budget Funding Request - Submission Timeline Closed for 2021 Budget

2020 Annual Adopted Budget Book 


City Council Unanimously Adopts 2020 Budget

On Wednesday, December 5, City Council unanimously adopted the City Manager's recommended $178.5 million City of Grand Junction budget for 2019.  

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
Each year, the City of Grand Junction prepares a Comprehensive Financial Report.  It includes the results of the annual audit, as well as a report of the City's financial statements.

Joint Sewer Comprehensive Financial Report
Each year, the City of Grand Junction reports on the financial condition and performance of the Joint Sewer System, which was organized under several agreements between the City of Grand Junction and Mesa County, Colorado.  The Joint Sewer System provides sewer collection and treatment facilities for the metropolitan area in the Grand Valley.

Land Development Impact Fees
House Bill 11-1113 requires a county or municipal government to publish information detailing any land development impact fees collected, including the annual interest rate on each account and the total amount disbursed during the most recent fiscal year.

Contact Us

  • General Information: (970)244-1536
  • Accounts Payable: (970)244-1519
  • Accounts Receivable: (970)244-1581
  • Budget: (970)256-4012
  • Request a Report: (970)256-4012
  • Sales Tax: (970)244-1521