Hydrant Flushing


    Why do we flush fire hydrants every spring?

    - Flushing maintains the life of the mains

    - Flushing eliminates poor taste and odors

    - Flushing removes accumulated sediment

    - Flushing removes discolored water

    - Flushing increases chlorine residuals to the extremities of the system

    - Flushing removes impurities associated with new and repaired mains

    - Flushing checks the operation of the hydrant and verify actual fire flows


    Why are fire hydrants painted different colors? 
    Hydrant bases are painted yellow.  Colored caps are placed on top of each yellow hydrant to indicate available flow rates, as follows:
     - Red Caps = less than 500 gallons per minute
     - Orange Caps = 500 - 1,000 gallons per minute
     - Green Caps = 1,000 - 1,500 gallons per minute
     - Blue Caps = 1,500+ gallons per minute
     - SOLID RED fire hydrants are PRIVATE hydrants - property owners are responsible for operation and maintenance